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3rd Grade Social Studies Lesson Plans

Stephanie Said:

How does this sound for a lesson plan?

We Answered:

I love the "clean room" I have to put that on my kids

I totally disagree with what the other couple people ahead of me said that are dissing your schedule...

It's much better to go by your own curriculum and learn how you learn best...

Half the reason most of us don't homeschool is because the traditional way of learning ISN'T the best way of learning!!!

I have courses for my daughter like "time" "transportion" etc. for the whole year then just incorporate all the required "subject" math, english, whatever under those.

What you need to do is look at your state requirements. It's different for every state. See what subjects are "mandatory." Make sure they are included. That doesn't mean you need a course in math, it just means you need to be taught math - and if you are learning math through sudoku - then that's the way to go...just look at the state's requirements (your parents should know where to get them) - and double check what they require compared to what you're learning in each one..

You might be required to take a "health" definitely look into that...

I think it's great you're making your schedule and I like it!

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