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Child Development Lesson Plans

Marvin Said:

Child Development?

We Answered:

I think you should do a fun craft like a serch or something.......THIS QUESTION DOES NOT MAKE FUN OF DISABLED CHILDREN! ^_^

Joy Said:

Lesson plans, need HELP?

We Answered:

I have this in my home for my homeschooled children and my day care kids. I call it the "Super Center" I have 8 rubber made shoe boxes ( 99 Cents store) and each box has a different color circle on, pink, purple, black, orange, yellow, green, blue... Inside each box is an activity (foam letter with the alphabet cards, foam numbers with number cards, puzzle, color sorting/buttons or beads, matching shapes, ect..) Each activity they do first ( will explain in a minute). Then there is a book. They read the book...or look at the pages and see what its all about. Then there isa clipboard with paper on it and a couple crayons. They have to draw or color something from the book. Then write their name on the paper and take that home.

Now, each child has a card and on that card is a whole bunch of numbers in a cloud. Each number cloud has a color dot next to it. So Elizabeth has a one cloud with pink next to it, a two cloud with blue next to it.... Grace has a one cloud with green next to it and a two cloud with red next to on and so forth. I have a little number cloud assinged for each day so the children get their card, look at my number cloud and find the same one on their card. The color next to their cloud is the color of their box for that day.

So here is an example of the pink box.

Alphabet cards and foam letters. The child will take out the bag containing these things and lay out all the cards then put corresponding foam on the card. (A card get the foam A put on it)
When this is done, the book is taken out and "read" then they get the clip board and draw a picture of something they see in the book. For the younger kids I will write their name with a highlighter and they will trace it. The older ones write their own name. When all this is done, they put their box back in their place.

Blue box. This box has beads and buttons. Five different colors and they sort them

Red Box, This box has and egg carton with dot in them. One through six. I have beans that they put on each dot and we count together.

THere are a million things you can do with this. Feel free to email me. Be creative. This only cost me about 15$ total to set up and put together.

Good luck. sorry so long but thought this could help you.

Rita Said:

Preschool Lesson Plans?

We Answered:

The easiest thing to do is just go to google or yahoo and type in the search bar preschool lesson plans. You will get lots of sites, just pick the ones that you like the best. ERIC is also a good site for lesson plans. If you need more help, email me.

Everything Preschool-…

lesson planz-

A to Z teacher stuff-…

teachers net-…

Core Knowledge-…

Educator's reference desk-…
an excellent choice!

Here are some great sites, good luck!

Eva Said:

Child Development lesson plan help! PLEASE READ!?

We Answered:

I would try something totally different than to have the kids try to write the name of the vegetable. They sound too young at 2-4 years to write. At this age you could work on like "on/in". Preschoolers are just getting an understanding of these concepts.

I'd cut out pictures of vegetables that the kids could glue "ON" a plate or "IN" the basket. Make forms that have a picture of a plate and a basket with the words "The carrots are On the plate. The Corn is In the basket" Then have the kids glue the picture in the right place.

I think your teacher will be impressed with this idea.

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