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Civil Rights Lesson Plans

Ethel Said:

How do I teach Civil Rights without covering African Americans?

We Answered:

Look for civil rights concerning women. You could deal with things like womens suffrage, or talk about how women who were not white suffered under the standard of double jeopardy, i.e. being belittled because they were women and women of a minority with it's associated stereotypes.

Kyle Said:

Any teachers or others who can offer advice.. How to get rid of annoying people!?.. ?

We Answered:

She needs to take the bull by the horns and say something like
'I'm really sorry ______, but I just don't have time to chat right now. I have lots of work to get done so I can get home at a reasonable hour.'
She doesn't have to be rude, just matter of fact. She also needs to make eye contact when doing this. The eye contact lets the person know you are serious. Many times women do not make eye contact when talking to someone about a controversial subject, like this one. That just makes the receiver think you are not serious and continue the behavior.

Wade Said:

What do you think of this speech that Barack Obama made?

We Answered:

I would like to know how you managed to fit all those words in your question box????

Don't they have a limit on the amount of word you can use?

Tell me what you did??

By the way..Obama's speech ROCKED! He's an awesome speaker!

Terry Said:

teachers: please help with civil rights movement lesson?

We Answered:

go to… and type birmingham jail in the full site search. Two articles will come up, pick Paul's.

Arlene Said:

what do you think about blacks voting rights running out?

We Answered:

no one is going to read all that..

Marion Said:

english review?!?

We Answered:

4. seems for present tense or seemed for past tense

10 are

The rest are correct

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