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Civil War Lesson Plans

Andrea Said:

What else can the Republican Party screw up?

We Answered:

You forgot infrastructure.

Minnie Said:

Need help choosing a topic for an american history model lesson plan, pls help!!!?

We Answered:

the evolution of immigration. You could start the lesson with a kwl chart, then teach both sides - boats coming into NYC and now, crossing the Mexican border. From there, you could open the class to a debate. Or have the students write an essay on how they feel about the immigration battle today. Either of these ideas incorporate English skills which professors love to see in SS lessons. (I majored in Middle School Education.)

Another idea: Civil Rights and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Good luck!

Toni Said:

Us history questions?

We Answered:

Have you thought of googling these topics and maybe even reading (horrors) your textbook? IMO, You are too over the top putting an entire take home test on YA and too lazy to deserve answers.

Jacob Said:

Did you read Relearning Vietnam's painful lessons... Does it bother u?

We Answered:

The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, is a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. Above all else, PNAC desires and demands one thing: The establishment of a global American empire to bend the will of all nations. They chafe at the idea that the United States, the last remaining superpower, does not do more by way of economic and military force to bring the rest of the world under the umbrella of a new
socio-economic Pax Americana.

The fundamental essence of PNAC's ideology can be found in a White Paper produced in September of 2000 entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses:
Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century." In it, PNAC outlines what is required of America to create the global empire they envision.
According to PNAC, America must:
* Reposition permanently based forces to Southern Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East;
* Modernize U.S. forces, including enhancing our fighter aircraft, submarine and surface fleet capabilities;
* Develop and deploy a global missile defense system, and develop a strategic dominance of space;
* Control the "International Commons" of cyberspace;
* Increase defense spending to a minimum of 3.8 percent of gross domestic product, up from the 3 percent currently spent.…

Carol Said:

Ideas for a lesson plan about Hispanic/Latino involvement in The Civil War?

We Answered:

Try asking your class what they think Tejanos hoped to gain.

Carolyn Said:

what have we learned about 'exit strategies' from past wars so far?

We Answered:

An 'exit strategy' is nothing but a recipe for defeat.

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