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Classroom Lesson Plans

Billy Said:

Are there any websites that allow you "into" someone's classroom(they leave all lesson plans)?

We Answered:

Google search: lesson plans…

You can also limit your search by adding

Vera Said:

Where can I buy high quality lesson plans for my classroom?

We Answered:

I've been a member to Getworksheets for about 5 years now. They always come out with new stuff. It is well worth it.

Elizabeth Said:

I am looking for lesson plans to use in my 2nd grade classroom regarding the '06 Winter Olympics.?

We Answered:

This is just off the top of my head so all the details aren't worked out.
1. Divide your class into different countries (groups of 2, 3, or 4)
2. They make a flag for their country
a) they can do this on construction paper
b) they can print a flag off the internet
3. Make up a worksheet for them to find answers on about their country. (Since they are only in 2nd grade maybe something like the following)
a) continent country is located
b) language they speak
c) interesting fact
I don't know just some easy stuff.
3. They could then draw a map of their country and name the continent and the capital.
4. Maybe at recess or better you could get the P.E. teacher to have them compete in some relays, races, shooting baskets, jumproping, hopping, walking with a book on their head, somethings that are fun.
5. From these competitions you could give gold, silver and bronze medals or certificates.
6. Have a place in the room or the hallway to display the teams, their flags, maps, and medals or certificates, etc (so the other kids, teachers, and especially the principal could see it)
7. They might in their groups do a KWL chart concerning the olympics or their country and have that up also.
8. Probably should write a short summary about their feeling concerning learning about new countries, olympics, etc.
9. They could graph the teams and places all of them came in during the competitions.

I know this isn't a great detailed lesson but it does incorporate reading, english, social studies, math, health, and writing.

You could do this for a whole week or spread it out over a couple of weeks. I'm sure anything you have to teach (per the almight state) you could probably work into this.

I did something like this on a larger scale with 6 other teachers. It was great fun.

I suggest you get the books needed for the kids ahead of time and then you can see which countries would be the easiest to work with.

Anyway, good luck.

Roberto Said:

"Lesson plans" how come there is a political agenda in the classroom?

We Answered:

The National Association of Teachers, Your State Association of Teachers and All teachers Unions are all solidly liberal, usually radically liberal. They make the curriculum.

In second grade, before we pulled our daughter out of public school, they had already started the liberal brainwashing. We were so fortunate and thankful to God we were able to raise her with good Christian values instead of the amoral State Education system.

If the liberals get them early, they get them forever. The 2 best ways to produce liberals is to dumb down education and to increase taxes on the rich. The more poverty and misery they cause, the more power they have.

Frances Said:

Creationists who want Creationism in the classroom: Please help me with a lesson plan?

We Answered:

How many questions could you pose in such a short course?

Who did it?


Very good, children.

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