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Creative Writing Lesson Plans

Jose Said:

I need a twist added to it, any ideas?

We Answered:

After the secret is read, you could have everyone vote for the person they think the secret is about and then see who got the most votes for each secret. The problem with this twist is that it will increase the curiosity to find out whose secret each one really is and maybe some people will not be comfortable exposing their secrets.

Reginald Said:

I need creative writing-- short story help?

We Answered:

ilike the second one... though i have no idea how you would finish it.
put some sort of crazy complication i there i think.

Claire Said:

I need to teach my English class...any ideas for a CREATIVE lesson plan?

We Answered:

I have a few ideas....I am an arts specialist from NYC and I develop curriculum for schools and museums.

You can pick a famous painting.....Edvard Munch's "Scream", or Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci, or Vincent VanGogh's Self-Portrait, Magritte's work, Picasso's artwork...weeping woman. Have the student look at the artwork and discuss them. Then create a story about either what happens next in the painting or write a story about Mona Lisa after they posed for the painting. Of course it is your job to give an example and inspire them to create an interesting story...maybe you can work on one with the entire class so they have an example of your expectations. How long you expect it to be? All that fun stuff.

I did another cool writing assignment once where I had the students cut out from a newspaper --20 adjectives, 20 verbs, 10 Nouns. They then had to put the words together somehow in a theme and glue them onto a piece of construction paper. Another good theme is find 20 words that describes themselves, 20 verbs and 10-15 nouns and put them together on a posterboard or construction paper and have them decorate the borders. You can do a sample about you both to show the students.

I will give you 3....for good luck and make them your own. How about having the students rewrite a famous fairy tale with themselves as the star or lead. You can choose 1 famous fairy tale or let them choose their own....I would approve of their story first.
I woke up in ashes....Cinderella, get us our breakfast. I looked down. What was I wearing? and they will continue until the end of the story.
Hope you like them....good luck!

Andy Said:

I'm writing my very first lesson plan. I'm hoping you can give me some pointers!?

We Answered:

From a students perspective, do a discussion and ask for volunteers and call on people but every now and then call on random kids to make sure everyone is paying attention

Benjamin Said:

I need help with story writing!?!?! I need lesson ideas- teacher pop quiz Q&A's!!!!?

We Answered:

I love writing stories. Write a story about:
-someone who has disabilities
-a mystery
-a relationship

these are ideas that you can use, but make up the actual plot yourself or you won't really be aloud to take credit for it.

Discuss It!

thesis ghost writer said:

Writing plans also used to encourage for the better ideas that one must need to think and act like a good writers also there has been more ideas that one must need to consider and ask immediately for this will be so good idea.