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Current Events Lesson Plans

Susan Said:

What should i do about my daughter's teacher?

We Answered:

I would definitely talk to the teacher first. You might ask if any of the other parents who have a child with these teacher would accompany you. Be honest and tell her what you have written here. Your daughter loved this class and it was challenging but rewarding because she was learning a lot. Something bad has obviously happened (got in trouble with the administration, husband cheated, mother has cancer....) so be gentle and ask "Has something happened that would change the way you teach? Is this going to be a permanent change in your style?" Depending on how she answers you will know how to react. If she is rude, aggressive, or blows you off, then you should speak with the principal to see what can be done. If she is genuinely apologetic and says that things will go back to normal, leave it for a few days. After a few days, do a follow up of, hopefully, "good job, I'm glad things went back to normal," or "remember when we last talked? You said you were going to..."

Good luck, it sounds like you have a really good teacher going through a rough time.

Billie Said:

Speech and Language/Current Events lesson plan 4Th to 5Th graders?

We Answered:

You could choose an article then divide it into sections. Break your students into groups and give each group a section of the article. The groups will read their section, discuss it and its meaning and then prepare to share out to the rest of the class. Each group will teach the rest of the class about their part of the article. To promote speech by all the students, you can tell the group that one of them will share , but they won't know which one until you call on them ... so each student in the group has to practice summarizing their part of the article.

Zachary Said:

Current Event news articles! Help me?

We Answered:

i hope u find something

Samantha Said:

How to teach high schoolers?

We Answered:

the region i would pick would be Australia, and you could do a "lesson" and post it on You could be some kind of professor and your lesson is about the outdoors or whatever you choose so it is a "distance learning" course or even the professor's documentary of a trip he took and is sending it to his students. Then it is time to present you just open up youtube and there is your lesson. and it will be perfect cuz you will be able to restart if you need to, unliket he live performances in the class.

you may also want to dress the part in your video and shoot the film in the woods or something or on teh beach don't know where you are from but Australia has many terrains

***** If you are doing South Africa the Youtube idea would work as well for that, and I would imagine nobody else will be doing that

Clyde Said:

How should we react when the moslems attack us, our homes, our familes, our lands, again?

We Answered:

Teach who a lesson ? You cant imprison ever person who happens to be a Muslim , first you have to catch the perpetrator .Why always blame the Muslims when there are other terrorists in the world. Remember he Oklahoma bomber , an ordinary white American ?

Billie Said:

Can I get your help with a lesson plan?

We Answered:

this is just an idea but with elections coming up and all how about YOU pick out a bunch of diffrent stories from the magazine and hand them out in class. tell your students that they are the new president and this matter was brought to thier attention, now they, as the new pres., have to deside what needs to be done next and how the matter could be solved or how they could keep it from happening again... i think that would be a little more interesting for them to write and for you to read later on!
hope this helps!
and please do excuse my spelling and grammer!!!!

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