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Food Lesson Plans

Travis Said:

I need VBS craft/food/lesson ideas for 10 year olds and younger. Please help!?

We Answered:…

I use bible lesson as a station. If you were say Group #1 this is how your time at VBS would go. We found using the bible lesson in a dramatic presentation and then discussion to follow, there were less volunteers to recruit and the crew leaders were the ones who adapted the discussions according to age. It works for us.

Assembly Morning Worship and Skit
Bible Lesson (Bible drama and then discussion)
10 minutes everyone has a snack where they are at.
Bible games and discovery (GL I loved the water experiments this year by the way! This was the favorite station of the kids)
Games (large muscle group games)
Closing worship.…

Joy Said:

what adaptations would a 2nd teacher make for a kid that has trouble reading for a food chain lesson plan?

We Answered:

Pictures might be used or the child can be read to or helped by someone in his reading.

Caroline Said:

food and nutrition lesson plans?

We Answered:…

Rosemary Said:

What adaptations would 2nd grade teacher make for kid (has IEP)has trouble reading for food chain lesson plan?

We Answered:

This one is fairly easy. Make a chart with pictures and words that show the food chain. Or, better yet, have the kid make the chart. Most children with learning disabilities have some sort of auditory processing difficulties or underlying receptive language delays. That is why we always try to support them with visuals as much as possible.

Cynthia Said:

What is a good Foods lesson plan ?

We Answered:

I hope there's something here that will suit your needs, good luck for Tuesday.


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Marc Sheehan's Lesson Plans Page…

Good luck.

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