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Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

Alfred Said:

My child struggles with homework and he's in fourth grade...?

We Answered:

Hon. don't be depressed you are not the only person struggling with a loved one suffering from tourettes syndrome. You are trying to get him help I take my hat off to you. Tourettes kids can be very strong & willful, they can also be the most caring affection kids you can ever meet. You have to be firm & straight with him.

Can you help him with home work try writing practice in small doses, pick something he loves (whether it's a cartoon character or TV show) & write a few lines & practice together. Or do you know any high school kids or Uni students (preferably a uni student studying to be a teacher) that could assist you? He definitely needs some additional counselling/tutoring but it has to be done in a fun way or he will rebel.

Think outside the square - play a game when he gets home from school. When he wants to ask you something tell him it's a new game & he needs to write down his request/question. (Anything to make it not seem like work). Are there no after hours teaching facilities available @ yr his school?

Good luck sweetheart, everybody has peaks & troughs in their life, things will work out stay positive & focus on the end goal. Take care:D

Anna Said:

Catholic catechism lesson plan for March 29, 2009?

We Answered:

This website has very good lectionary based lesson plans for different grades:…

With love in Christ.

Sean Said:

lesson plans for a 3rd grader?

We Answered:

I'm a third grade teacher. Here are some ideas:

Reading Fluency (how smoothly he reads):
*Have him read out loud to you as often as possible. When he doesn't know a word, tell him what it is. Have him repeat the word and then keep reading.
*Make flash cards of words that he doesn't know.
*Have him practice reading the Dolche Sight Words (a list of words that are frequently used.) Get them here:
*Also practice these sight word phrases:…
*Choral read with him. This means that you both will read out loud at the same time.

Reading comprehension (how much he understands what he reads):
*Have him pick a book that interests him. Get two copies and both read the book seperately. Have him make up questions for YOU about the story.
*After reading a book, have him complete a graphic organizer - check out the selection at…

*Practice, practice, practice!!!! Let him practice writing the letters and words with fun markers or paint! Don't forget to use lined paper.

*Have him keep a journal about his day or have him retell a TV show or movie he watched. Writing about something he knows will help learn to put his ideas on paper.

For more ideas, check out This is a web site for teachers with GREAT ideas for interventions that help kids improve.

Good luck! Your brother is lucky to have your help!

Connie Said:

How much does the average turor charge to tutor a 4th grade child?

We Answered:

In Texas, the going rate would be about $10-15/hour depending on the subject, level of difficulty, and amount of work required.

True, if you have a specialized degree you may certainly charge more like $20-30/hour

Betty Said:

How do I know I am cut out for teaching? Please help?

We Answered:

First. I was and still get scared when it comes to classroom management. Having a class that is well behaved comes with lots of observing different teachers and experimenting with different management styles.

Second. I know that the younger grades are split up among themselves as far as certification goes (early elementary, late elementary, early childhood). Just know you can chose what grades you apply for but under contract schools can move you where ever you are certified to best suit their needs.

Third. See if you qualify for work study and see if you can get a job at your school's laboratory school. Better yet make connects with local schools and volunteer. I did my practicums at private schools and church schools even though I asked for public schools. It’s best to work with the kinds of schools you want to work with because public schools are whole different kind of animal than private or parochial schools. Try to volunteer in special needs classrooms.

Fourth. If you want to work with special needs then you will probably will be working with all grade levels in your school. Being with special needs you won’t be a traditional teacher.

Fifth. Start getting Professional Development now. Most will let you participate even though you are not a certified teacher yet. The cost isn’t usually very much.

Sixth. And don't be surprised if students think you are 10 or 20 years older than you are. Students/kids see their teachers as much older than they really are becuse they are adults and have authority over them. When kids try to guess my age they always start in the 30's or 40's! And I'm 24!

Good luck. I think you would make a great teacher. Those who worry- care.

Leonard Said:

How to deal with a boyfriend with serious stress issues? Please help!?

We Answered:

there are a number of things that he should do - and FAST - - first of all, tell him to document EVERYTHING - even his "original" lesson plans - - he needs to get this before the school board, and quickly - you can also be there, to act as a resource, since he's confided all these things to you -

a principal does not have absolute power - she is in the school daily, so she handles the problems that come up on a day to day basis, but you are right, she should not be trying to defeat a new teacher's credibility and success - - she needs to realize that HIS success would be HER success. And she answers to the administration.

call the superintendent of schools - - that is a person above the principal - - they may share the office area, or not, but he needs to talk to that person -

a last resort, and one that he should tell them about, is that he is looking to relocate, and will, if the situation does not change.

He's a man, in elementary school - I'll tell you right now, he will NOT have a problem finding another job - male elementary teachers are in demand all over the country!

Teresa Said:

What should I do as a "lesson plan" for a fourth grade tutoring job?

We Answered:

use blocks - phsyical things
colored m+ms work. groupign them
flash cards - print off the internet.
usign a snales and chutes board

division / mult loop cards= google them

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