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Free Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Howard Said:

Did your kids nap in kindergarten?

We Answered:

Hunny, be blessed your child loves the naps. Most kids grow out of the stage at 3. Look at me I am 18 and still enjoy my little naps lol. Be happy she still naps. If a nap helps her from breakdown then let her nap. Nothing wrong with naps. I find if I nap I can make it through the day without any issues as well lol

Courtney Said:

Teacher gift for Christmas...thinking ahead!?

We Answered:

My sister teaches. My young daughter gets the teddy bears and other small toys students give her, and our mother gets the "set of candles and a christmas oven mitt with matching towel," and then passes them on to me...

She likes bookstore and coffee shop gift cards.

Depending on where you live and what your relationship with the teacher is, a bottle of liqueur might be nice, too.

Something that can be used up, and something that is not what everybody else's parent bought from the drugstore, such as a "set of candles and a christmas oven mitt with matching towel," is the way to go. Definitely no cheap candies.

Julian Said:

need websites to know if my 5 year old is ready for school?

We Answered:

MY GOODNESS HON!!! Relax!!! She'll be fine. She knows what she needs to. I have 3 children, my youngest started kindergarten this year. Work with her a bit using a pencil, especially writing and reading her name, just the first name. You say she knows colors, shapes, counts to 10, she's really doing very well. Just continue to work with her on these basics. Using scissors is something they like for them to know. Coloring is something they do alot of. Gluing things together. Basic puzzles. You are on the right path and don't necessarily need a website, just spend time with her doing things like coloring, pasting, and cutting. Count things, try to get her to 20.
Overall, RELAX~~!! She'll be fine, I promise.

Dana Said:

How can I download a free d'nealian font?

We Answered:…
has it for $20 & up.
might have it, but wants you to do a survey, and
provide an e-Mail address.

Maybe the students will do better if they can
*see* you make the letters?…
has a "test area" which lets you type on screen. You
may be able to use "PrtScr" key and MS Paint to
print your tests.

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