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Free Lesson Plan

Maureen Said:

what is the best website to find free lesson plan ideas for collaborative learning and inquiry based learning?

We Answered:

Since the inquiry teaching uses real world problem solving of interest to your particular students, then it will be difficlut to find specific lesson plans. Once you understand the process, then you can substitute many concept. In the highest form of inquiry, the problem is identified by the student,the process of solving the problem is decided by the student, and a tentative solution is resolved by the student.
Nevertheless, here are a couple of sources showing inquiry sample lesson plans:…

Oscar Said:

To Kill A Mockingbird: Does anyone know where I can get a free lesson plan for this book?

We Answered:…………………………

You didn't specify an age, viewpoint, or level, so I included several; just google "to kill a mockingbird lesson plans" and you'll find bunches :-)

Hope that helps!

Steven Said:

is there any good websites that offers free lesson plan on long and short vowels if so plz give me the site?

We Answered:

When you go to the first one just scroll down all info is free.…………

Email me if you need more. I homeschool my kids and have plenty more where that came from.

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