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Joseph Said:

Teaching and training courses?

We Answered:

There are far fewer posts for sixth form biology teachers than there will be for secondary science/biology teaching. And the competition for these posts is likely to be quite strong, as many experienced teachers will plan to move in that direction. Consequently, you may find that upon qualification you have to teach in a full secondary at first, and then look to move into sixth form at a later date.
Similarly, when teaching in a through secondary, you will normally be expected to teach some students at all levels, from Y7 to Y13. Indeed, some schools don't offer sixth-form teaching to newly-qualified teachers, so you'll need to find somewhere that does have space for a new A-level teacher when applying.

There is indeed a mix of schools offering combined and separate sciences. Private schools tend to offer the subjects separately, and this is becoming increasingly common at state schools, but I suspect the balance is still towards combined Sciences for most students.

When you train, and in your early days teaching, you may find that your time spent planning & marking matches virtually 1:1 to the time you spend teaching. That is, if your teaching commitment in a week is 20 hours, then you may spend up to 20 hours in preparation and marking, sometimes more. As time goes on, and certainly after the first few years, the focus of your time will move away from planning, which becomes less of a focus as your experience increases.

Most schools will look for a good quality teacher with good references and perhaps a good teaching interview, regardless of which institute they trained at.

Certainly your teacher training will provide you with some training on behaviour management. Similarly, your teaching practices will provide you with a range of experiences in different schools, where you will learn to cope with the challenges of daily teaching. But it may not be as bad as you fear.

I strongly recommend that before applying, you arrange to spend some time in a local secondary school, perhaps a week or two observing in the Science department to see what life is like in a typical secondary school.

Bruce Said:

What are some free online course material for grades 8/9? Please help me find some...?

We Answered:
a to z home's cool

There are so many free things out there for homeschoolers. Just type in something like "free chemistry for kids" and you'll have more websites than you'd ever use.

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