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Ged Lesson Plans

Bobby Said:

Can I still become an airline pilot??? ?

We Answered:

If you are really serious, then it can be done. Work two jobs, do whatever it takes to get through. As I see it, you can either get your 4-year degree and then pursue flight training, or you can get the flight training, and work your way through college as a CFI (this is what I did).

One real negative. If you are to spend around 50-70K getting lessons in a short period of time, then there is no time for play. I still remember being 19, and wanting desperately to ask some girl out, but knowing that one date was the cost of one hour of flight training. For the most part, the flight training won out.

The juvie record will probably not be a problem.

Nina Said:

Getting into a 4 year university with a GED?

We Answered:

As long as you have an okay ACT score and have money either through grants, loans, or out of your own pocket, most state schools will accept you, regardless if you have a GED.

My wife's job is teaching GED courses, and frankly, I didn't realize how hard those tests actually are. I think there are a lot of kids that actually graduate from High school that wouldn't be able to pass those tests.

Jackie Said:

How and where to start my education? I am 34, never passed 10th grade, need to start over. need guidance.?

We Answered:

Columbia North High School offers a free GED course online, or for a fee of around $200 you can get an actual high school diploma. I think that getting the actual high school diploma is the best route because there is some stigma attached to a GED unfortunately.

Since you are in Italy and will be there for a couple of years I would use this excellent opportunity to become fluent in the language. Italian and Spanish are the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn. I speak Chinese and I spent a lot of hard earned money on going to college there so that I could get the immersion experience that you are getting for FREE.

Plus at most universities you are credited with language classes that you can demonstrate proficiency in. For example, at my university if you can pass the proficiency test for 5th year Mandarin they will give credit for that class and you won't have to take it. There were a few Chinese American students that graduated in 3 years with a BA in Chinese because they already spoke the language and didn't have to take a lot of major course work.

Plus, a language degree will make you eligible to work in many different fields. You could double major in Italian and Education and become a language teacher. You could also work for any number of companies as an interpreter or liaison. There are many different option out there if you want to go this route.

Also there are practical reasons for learning Italian. It will make you more independent while you are living there and you might be able to find a job to help pay for school.

Charlie Said:

PLEASE ANSWER. I'm 16 Almost 17. Getting my GED.?

We Answered:

How old you need to be to take the GED depends on your state. Some will let you take them at 16, some not until 18. Many have other requirements as well. Yes, you can take classes at colleges or tech schools with a GED, but as someone else with mild social anxiety disorder, I think you've picked the wrong career. No way would I want to work with a bunch of kids (or a bunch of anyone).

Sherri Said:

I want to become a professional pilot?

We Answered:

On that income, save your money until you are finished with school. Then get a decent job so you can afford to pay for commercial pilot training. Otherwise it is mostly a waste because flying sporadically is a very inefficient way to learn. If you need to fly occasionally just to keep your interest up, fine, but consider that as entertainment and not training. Don't worry, you have plenty of time. Most pilots don't make it to the major airlines until they're over 30. With the increase in the retirement age to 65, if you got hired even as late as 45 years old you could still have a 20-year airline career. I didn't start working as regional airline pilot until I was 29

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