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Geometry Lesson Plans

Clifton Said:

Are any of these classes hard? 10 pts....??

We Answered:

1 might be hard
2 is all easy
3 might be hard
4 is easy

Terrence Said:

I need help. I dont understand math. At all!? Part one. there is more?

We Answered:

I'm a math major in university and could probably help you out but I would need some problems to solve. Going chapter by chapter through this medium would be impossible.

Dorothy Said:

I need help with math! Part 2? look at my page. Help?!!!?

We Answered:

Start at chapter one, read carefully, and try the examples which are set. If you find that you can`t do them, post one or two on here, and someone will answer them and explain them for you.

Turn to chapter two, and repeat.

Turn to chapter three and repeat.

Turn to chapter four and repeat.

Get part three of your book and repeat the above.

Simple, really.

Cynthia Said:

Should I take Algebra II or Geometry?

We Answered:

You can take both at the same time, take trig the year after, calc junior year, and be done with math in high school.

Looks better for college, and your senior year will have no math.

Johnny Said:

Can I skip geometry and go on to algebra 2?

We Answered:

Does the school allow it?
States have different ways of teaching you.

In Texas at least, I was able to double up, meaning I took Geometry and Algebra II at the same time, and it didn't get confusing, since nearly not that much geometry was used. Occasionally there will be some geometry in use, but it's basic stuff, and the teachers kind of expect you to forget how to do it, so most will go over it.

Priscilla Said:

I am writing a children's ebook about Laws Motion&Diet, I want 2 put fun links 2 help define & publish it!

We Answered:

Nutrition and the Laws of Motion are pretty diff. things. I would make two diff. books. And when u were talking about what u wanted to put into my eyes were going cross eyed and i got a dazed look on my face. (Like Jennylee on Beauty and the Geek when she had to interview that guy and when her and her partner first met.... love that show). Im in 9th grade and i dotn understand it. maybe cause im blond but make the book so a blond can read and understand it... so i can understand it and maybe ill read it!!!!! And i lost what you were saying above cause there was to much stuff.

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