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Marvin Said:

Princeton & academic guidance!?

We Answered:

You have a shot if you get all A's in rigorous subjects. However schools like that are a crap shoot for anyone. Nothing short of doing groundbreaking scientific research, having a national bestseller published, or similar drop dead stuff will guarantee admission. All you can do is your best and prey. For practical guidance check out:…


Vanessa Said:

Princeton?! Please help?

We Answered:

Even if you have perfect grades, perfect scores, and tons of ex. curriculars, they might still deny you because they are just that tough to get into. However, keep up the community service, do NHS and beta club if they have either at your school, make all A's, make a great SAT score, take college classes over the summer (11th grade summer) if you can, and get into as many AP or IB classes as you possibly can. If you do all that, your chances will certainly increase.

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