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High School History Lesson Plans

Bradley Said:

Does anyone know the answers to these American History problems?

We Answered:

1. f
2. f
3. t
4. t
5. f
6. f
7. f
8. t
9. t
10 .f

Myrtle Said:

Creationists, would you settle for this being taught in school?

We Answered:

History class? How do the creation stories have any basis in actual history, either?

They belong in a comparative religion class.

Barbara Said:

I need some advice on extra curricular activities in high school! its my first year?

We Answered:

I would do corss country and key club, but choose which ones you think you'd enjoy most.
Colleges like when you're really involved in one or two groups, rather than squeezing in a bunch of groups!

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