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History Lesson Plan

Bradley Said:

i need help with a history lesson plan?

We Answered:

those are some tough, broad topics you have to address on a daily basis! and you're right--students hate lecturing, and who can blame them?

here are some ideas:
topic 1: have them perform a mock "town meeting," where all segments of society are represented. have a "guild" group, a couple of other groups (landowners, etc.), and have them discuss the topic of "the black death," and what should be done to help protect their town and its people. give each group an info sheet explaining who they are, what they believe, and where they are in the social structure of the town. give the students time to familiarize themselves with the material, then you, as moderator, conduct the "town meeting" about the black death. we did this in a history class once, and it was great!

topic 2: when you discuss each of these topics, provide an example. e.g., language & lit--teach them how to say something in middle english, maybe from the canterbury tales. education--do a compare/contrast chart on the board b/t education then and now. architecture--if you can, bring in slides or a projector that has an internet connection to show them some buildings from this era. point out the specific features with a pointer. leave philosophy & science for last--discuss in general, then pick a major philosopher and a major scientist (often they were both, so if you could find one of those, even better!), and have them sit in a circle and have a philosophical debate about what that person taught, whether they agree/disagree, why/why not, etc.

topic 3: go with the small groups again. assign each of them a country and they have to create a brief presentation (5 minutes) about the major points of their country. provide them with a guideline sheet (e.g., what information their presentations should include) and provide them with whatever resources they need to do this. when they're done, provide them with an "official" info sheet for future reference.

topic 4: put all of the major talking points about these issues on individual sheets of paper or note cards. randomly distribute the sheets/cards to each student, have each student read their card and then have a brief discussion re: its contents.

hope this helps, if even a little, and best of luck in your teaching career (from a fellow teacher)! :)

Nicholas Said:

What site I can get a lesson plan for Philippine history?

We Answered:…

Please try these sites, although it isn't a lesson plan per se, there are tons on info from which you can base your lesson plan on. I hope it helps...

Russell Said:

Can someone give me a history lesson on where the pension plan came from and did it first came about?

We Answered:

You could say the first pension plans came about around the late egyptian empire...where soldiers were given land after retirements. (the persians, romans, macedonians all used this system at one time or another).

The first modern pension plans? I think Bismarck created the first organized pensions around 1880. I'm guessing you're from the USA. Your system has its roots in the British system. Look up Beveridge.
There are three other broad categories of pension systems: the scandinavian, the southern european one...and i'm guessing the russians probably have their own distinct system, wouldn't know about them.

1) Not a very well phrased question.
2) More a question for the Economics Section. The anglo-saxon system is the only one where you can actually go bankrupt. The other systems are actual pensions, not retirement insurances.
I did find you an example wich might give you an idea:…

If you're worried about your own pension plan, check how many unfunded liabilities it has.

3) What do you mean by expectation exactly? in this case? Giving you the kind of money they said they would? Or providing you with a lifestyle you've come to expect?

Monica Said:

Lesson Plan with Math or science history?

We Answered:

Pi is always a good thing to doa lesson on.. You can find the history of Pi.. since it is april fools you can also find infomation on an april fools joke that thegovernment was going to change pi to just 3.0.. can see how many numbers of pi students can remember after loking at it...

Stacy Said:

Need help choosing a topic for an american history model lesson plan, pls help!!!?

We Answered:

My personal favorite would be the Civil War but what are you interested and passionate about? Take a subject you are passionate about and expand on it but, do not just stand in front of the classroom and lecture.

Look for Document Based Questions (Personal favorite) because they get the students involved...maybe show a portion of a movie on the time and have a discussion...did this with Band of Brothers with the liberation of the death camps or come up with role plays for the time period... Lots to do and have fun with and learn at the same time... Good Luck.

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