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Homeschooling Lesson Plans

Ken Said:

New to Homeschooling. Middle Age Unit Lesson Plan. Can use some advice!?

We Answered:

Here is a link to another unit study on the middle ages:…

Unfortunately, some of the links are no longer valid under the prepared lesson plans links, but some are and they'll lead you to more links. It also has lots of literature suggestions.

This link will give you geography ideas and other ideas:…

This one has info about science in the middle ages. You could choose any of the topics they list to focus on.…

The Horrible Books are a good *supplement* and fun.

Eva Said:

Place where I can make a Homeschooling Lesson Plan?

We Answered:

I use Homeschool Tracker, it lets me plan everything out and then assign it to various days. It's pretty easy, and it takes care of lots of other paperwork as well. :)

Norma, she didn't say that she doesn't know HOW to make a lesson plan...try reading the question before you spout off ignorance.

Ronnie Said:

What are the differences/similarities in Abeka & BJU homeschooling curriculum?

We Answered:

I am currently being home-schooled but I am doing my work online through the school board in the county I live in. The software I am using is called Odyssey Ware. I go to the high school I use to attend before I got in trouble and take the test after I finish a unit. Since I live in Florida I also have to take the FCAT so I will be going to the school and taking the test with the rest of the student's in my grade or in my homeroom class. It's actually better and cheaper to do it online.

It's pretty much the same as home-schooling and you do learn more than you would in the public school. You will probably have a schedule that you would have to follow but you would still work at your own pace. They would just give you the assignments that were due that week and you would have a week to finish them. But it really depends on where you live and what grade your children are in. But I would also say that public school is the best school.

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