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How To Make A Lesson Plan

Warren Said:

How can I make a lesson plan for preeschool children?

We Answered:

Picking a theme is a great way to plan a lesson. For instance, if I used bears as my theme I might start by reading Brown Bear Brown Bear (Literacy) Review the colors of each animal in the story, letting each child name the color of one animal (color recognition).
Incorporate animal sounds and animal movements (large motor skills).
Where do bears live, what do they eat? Should we have a bear for a pet?
Sing the action song Teddy Bear Teddy Bear. Use teddy bear counters for math and sorting Take your theme ideas and organize them to fit your daily schedule. Good luck, and don't worry. You'll do a great job!

Leslie Said:

I would like to make a lesson plan where the activity is simply for pupils to present a number in class.?

We Answered:

This might help.…

Books are available to buy to help with talent ideas.…

This looks like a place to start.…

Tiffany Said:

How do I make a contextualized lesson plan? what are the steps?

We Answered:

Your lesson plan should detail the following:

Students: age and ability; intermediate etc
Aim: e.g. asking the time
Assumptions: (what the students already know) e.g. numbers
Materials: e.g. projector, blackboard, paper cut outs, toys

Your lesson plan should break down your lesson into sections and provide you with a brief on each section .. e.g...

1) Explain how the Present Simple Tense can be used. That the present simple can be used for things that are true in general, ............ blah blah , Give examples such as “my favourite food is …”, .......... blah, blah (5 minutes)

If you are teaching Business English to students in a marketing company, then you will set tasks or the use of verbs in marketing (in context with how the language will be used) or it could be contextualised in the sense of the local community, social setting etc.

Lori Said:

How to Prepare a Lesson Plan for American Red Cross Month?

We Answered:

You need to define your objective first of all. What is it that you want the girl to learn? This might involve researching the Red Cross and deciding what to take from that info.

Then you think of ideas on how to meet those objectives: worksheets, games, brainstorming activities, field trips, interviews....

Of course, you need to decide how many lessons you will have for the month and how you will assess her work.

Some links that may help:………

Mark Said:

How can I make a daycare lesson plan with zoo animals?

We Answered:

I like to think in 3's when I do a lesson plan... Group Activities, Individual Activities, Room Decorations.

I start with the room decorations... browse the internet or your local teacher supply store for interesting posters, bulletin board items, borders, etc.. Sometimes... the very first group activity is actually having the kids put up the decorations. Then you can explain all the items to them as they go up (for example the zoo animals). Look on the internet at Carson Delosa. They have nice decoratives.

Then I move to the group activity or activities. These can be a game that all the kids play... or just a book that you read to them. Once I got some nice masks of african animals... and the group activity was to have the kids wear them and make sound like the animals. Barnes and Noble on the web is great for kids books.

Finally... I find some good individual activities. These can be free coloring pages that you download... or individual craft kits. Choose simple items that the kids can take home. This gets the parents involved. A site called Janice's daycare has some nice coloring sheets.

Or... you can buy prepackaged themed activities and simply use them. is a good place for that.

I hope this helps. Again... think in 3's. Keep it simple... and you'll do great.

Good luck!

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