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Infant Lesson Plans

Lynn Said:

Help, where can I find infant lesson plans for infants 6 to 9 months and 9 to 12 months!?

We Answered:

Another good book is BABIES NEED MORE THAN MINDING a great little book with plans and ideas focussing on the importance of looking after infants. As far as a lesson plan goes, at this age each child should have their own plan as they develop at different speeds and the learning focus should be on the childs intersts rather than the teachers ideas.

Marlene Said:

infant lesson plans (1 months to 12 months) on Fine Motor Skills?

We Answered:

For infants, fostering growth of Fine Motor Skills is incredibly important! For me, the best way to come up with lesson plans/ curriculum is to focus of a theme before you come up with specifics.

Fine motor skills growth can really be incorporated into different learning centers and activity opportunities.... For example, when I am coming up with curriculum, I use a form that I fill out to ensure that the different infant/ toddler/ preschooler's needs are being met...

The areas are: creative expression, language, imaginitive play, physical education, sensory, music amd movement.

The learning areas that these translate into that I use are: Blocks, dramatic play, language and communication, discovery, Art expression, Sand and water, music and movement, manipluatives

That is just a form where I put different ideas I may have and see where they fit in...For infants it's really important to look at their age and development

IDEAS: Use discovery items in most of your fine motor plans...Children at this age learn everything through sights, sounds, actions, sounds, tastes and environment.

Some ideas you can utilize (depending on a theme): Mirrors, large (foam or soft) blocks, anything with buttons/ switches, Props such as scoops/ spoons/ cups, books, cookie cutters, etc.

**I have a WORD version of my actual checklist and form (it's easier to follow in chart form)...Let me know if you would like me to attach it an e-mail and send it your way!

Hope this helps!

Lawrence Said:

Infant lesson plan whip cream?

We Answered:

They did this at my daughter's daycare. Thet stripped the kids down to their diapers and put bibs on them. So that solved the clothing problem.

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