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Jewish Lesson Plans

Sally Said:

Sobibor death camp...?

We Answered:

You can find a great deal of information about Sobibor at this website:

Here are precise figures showing how many people there were in the camp at the time of the mass escape attempt on October 14, 1943:

Original number of prisonsers at the time of the revolt

Germans and Ukrainian guards on duty at the time of the revolt

This shows you how many people there were on board each train (typically around 2,000, but it varied), and how often the trains arrived.

According to this site, all the soldiers on guard duty were armed. The German officers in charge would have carried pistols.

At any one time there were around 30 German guards. The rest of the guards were Ukrainians, who were only issued with five bullets each.…

Good luck!

James Said:

Who were behind Mumbai attack?

We Answered:

our coward politicians....our casual attitude and our lazy intelligence...are responsible for mumbai attack.

Terrance Said:

Teach a Life Lesson - How would you do it?

We Answered:

You are new and your kids are new.

I would be inclined, if only for your children's sake, to leave the life lessons up to life itself.

If you annoy these women, they have the potential to make things very uncomfortable for you and your children.

A possible solution here is that the pupils are given the chance to be taught about and celebrate the many different festivals of the major religions. That way they gain, rather than lose. This, however, is surely a matter for the school? Perhaps you could suggest it to the parents who are complaining as a solution and let them do the moving and shaking.

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