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K 12 Lesson Plans

Adrian Said:

Teaching Fellow Lesson 5 Minute Plan?

We Answered:

I THINK THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!! you can also teach something pertinent to phonemic awareness using any Dr. Seuss book (rhymes) easy and fun!

Charlie Said:

I need help finding lesson plans?

We Answered:

Getty Lesson Plans:



National Gallery:

Arts Edge (Kennedy Center):…

Terry Said:

Advice for a new substitute teacher, grades K to 12?

We Answered:

The best piece of advice. Do not be afraid to put your foot down. Discipline early and often so that their behavior does not grow worse throughout the day. Do not be afraid to raise your voice. Screaming isn't the only answer to an unruly class but it definetely helps. Turning off the lights helps to gain their attention. With little ones, I clap my hands. Say Who's listening? until you have all of their attention.

Circulate the room. Try to always face the students to prevent unnecessary problems. :)
It always take you a few minutes longer to get somewhere when you are with a new group of kids. Put a great kid as your line leader and another as the caboose.

Reassure the younger kids that you may do something a little different than their other teacher and when she gets back, she'll do it the "right" way.

Tell the children what you expect of them. "Today these are the main rules. Quiet voices. Walking feet. Hands to yourself. Listening ears." Even third graders still have a problem with this. Grow the speech up for the older students.

Realize that you are going to have special needs children in each and every classroom and you won't have a clue about what sets them off. It's okay and, yes, you aren't the first one they've had a melt down for. :)

Most importantly, listen to what the kids are saying. They won't always tell you the truth but they will give you some important pointers.

Comfortable shoes = wonderful day!

Insider teacher tip: New school = Always bring your lunch! Some schools are scary. Bring a drink bottle and something to snack on. One day you might eat lunch at 10:40 and another at 1:10. You won't have the luxury of knowing, so this will calm your nerves during a long morning.

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