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Kindness Lesson Plans

Leonard Said:

comments and critique welcome, any thoughts?

We Answered:

Very nice poem!

Nomas digo eso, casi no sé qué decir con ustedes, pero me gustó. Palabra.

Saludos del trotamundos DeMENTE.

Max Said:

What can we do to re-educate young children about their TRUE value?

We Answered:

I shudder to think what people like you would do if you found out your god wasn't real.

Maybe religion does serve a purpose... It give sociopaths a bogey man to be afraid of, so they'll behave.

Edit - Let me explain something to you. Atheists are smarter than you. We can see right through you, because you are an idiot. You can't even parody atheism, because you're too stupid to understand it. We on the other hand can parody you at will, because, as I mentioned earlier... we are smarter than you. Have a nice day. :)

Russell Said:

Thoughts on this poem. Its personal so I dont mind if you hate it. But still would like to know what you thinK?

We Answered:

I suggest you start caring for people who respect your care. All people arent broad minded. And in this world of hypocrisy, people really find it difficult to believe in others, so just take care not to approach somebody so fast...give them tym to *** to noe u first...and this happened to me a lot of tyms...your poem is gr8...believe me...

Reginald Said:

Ladies, how would you feel if your husband recited this every week at the end of the week?

We Answered:

You are quoting Proverbs 31:10-31, and a wife who actually DOES the things described here is indeed more valuable than pearls. The problem is that many women today want to be valued as such without actually being expected to live up to the actions that Lemuel was describing.

In fairness though, most MEN today don't live up to what is expected of Christian husbands either!

And Lilleus V... Your mantra can be found at 1Thessalonians 4:11.

And Arlo... You are probably thinking of 1 Corinthians 11:3. It does not actually use the word "subservient", but it does say that the "head" of the woman is the man. It is often misapplied, and does not mean women are subservient.

Or you may have been thinking of Ephesians 5:22, which says that wives should "be in subjection" to their husbands. That means if he is her "head" she shold support him when he makes family related decisions. But that doesn't mean a husband is to disregard the opinions and feelings of his wife. If you read down a few more verses, vs. 28 says that a husband is to "love his wife as his own body". He should consider her opinions and feelings also.

When applied correctly it is not a demeaning roll for a woman, but it actually shows mutual respect and honor to both mates. I don't claim to apply it perfectly, but I try.

Clyde Said:

another thought, care to critique?

We Answered:

Rather awkward and forced in places. Nice idea, but needs to flow smoother. In verse 3, line 4, the word "stay's" should not have an apostrophe. (Should be "stays".)

Adam Said:

Games to teach Kindergarteners kindness?

We Answered:

Make up a story before you go to church. Look for ideas through the bible maybe about how Jesus was kind and then make up some stories about how maybe a lady saw a man alone and cold living in the street, and draw pictures to show what she did. Remember to say why it is good and why she gave him (e.g.) some money and food. Also explain why god wanted jesus to do this.

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