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Lesson Plan For Toddlers

Wallace Said:

eary childhood educators-ideas for a lesson plan please?

We Answered:

Plan an age/skill appropriate mini olympic for your toddlers. Have a variety of sports/tasks that they can engage and complete. Award medals to all the students for participation and completion of the games. Use tumbling mats, climbing structures, big bouncy balls, and your playground equipment. Have them crawl, walk, and/or run from one side of the tumbling mat to the next. Have them throw the big bouncy balls into large baskets or simply to one another and try to catch. Have them climb the structures and implement other activities that would get them up and moving. Invite a few or all parents to participate in the event and make it team effort. Create an obstacle course. Hope this helps.

Victor Said:

Help with Toddler lesson plan

We Answered:

well your idea is great. you can also integrate lesson of shapes + colors , you can use a non toxic clay since kids like playing and learning at the same time.. :)

good luck

Toni Said:

Looking for a swimming lesson plan for toddlers.?

We Answered:

For a one year old you can't really do much "instruction." I work at the YMCA and I think the toddler classes are a waste of money. The best thing you can do for your child at this age is spend lots of play time in the bath and pool. Get his face wet. Dunk him under water. (If you are in a pool, just blow on his face right before you dunk him and he will shut his eyes.) Another good thing to work on is floating on his back. Let the water fill his ears up, because a lot of kids don't like that feeling so the early he gets comfortable with it the better. Then when he is about 2 1/2 bring him to swimming lessons. The lessons will go much better if your child is already comfortable in the water.

(I don't know why I assumed it was a boy, sorry for all the "he" if it is a girl)

Betty Said:

Can someone please help me create a lesson plan for Older toddlers (2&3yrs?

We Answered:

Here are some links that will give you guidance and even examples of lesson plans for toddlers:……

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