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Lesson Plan Science

Carmen Said:

How can I plan a great science lesson for preschoolers in their own words?

We Answered:

You mean to label the parts of the skeleton? Like "big arm bone", "little arm bone", "finger bones"? That sort of thing?

There's the song about that:… Might want to adjust the lyrics a bit.

Don't underestimate preschoolers: they can learn the real names! Like humerus, ulna, radius, etc. They LOVE to learn big words!

Maybe learn the parts by the easy names and then also learn the more difficult words. You could play games to match the names to the body part.

Adrian Said:

science lesson plan with preschoolers?

We Answered:

i have a preschooler and i know she's just learning about the season changes. So you could do a 'weather' theme, and cut snowflakes (you know when you fold the paper up and cut it when it's opened it looks like a snowflake) and maybe for spring have them make a paper flower, and for summer have them color a picture of the lake/ocean/beach ... anyways something along that line. Good luck!! You sound like u have a fun job!!

Kimberly Said:

What are some good topics for science lesson plans for 4th-6th graders.?

We Answered:

Well in 6th grade you learn about the Earth's surface, Matter and Energy, the earths atmosphere, and space...

Kathy Said:

Please rate the following Science Lesson Plan for 3rd graders from 1-10 thanks.?

We Answered:

6 -moderately too easy for 3rd graders I think. Especially if your planning to give them cheat sheets. Why not have them create planets with crayons or paint onto black parchment?

Stella Said:

6th grade science lesson plan?

We Answered:

I don't know if this will help, but there are a few websites I use often for homeschooling my children when I need some lesson plan ideas.

I hope this helps a bit.

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