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Lesson Plans For 2 Year Olds

Ramon Said:

Calling moms of 2 year old, can you help with my lesson plans?

We Answered:

I was a daycare teacher for two year olds. I love this age because you can teach them so many things. They are like sponges just eager to absorb knowledge.

I agree that when teaching this age you need to use lots of repetition. I would teach colors by the week during the fall season. During the spring we would talk about insects. In the winter time we would spend time on learning about the weather.

Whatever we did the children were given time to learn. The children would have an entire week on one color. During that week all the activities were planned around that color.

We would color pictures using one color. With two year olds they loved to fingerpaint. We would also find songs about colors and sing them each day. When we went outside we would look for the color of the week on the playground. We would also read stories and look for the color of the week in the story.

Whether you are teaching colors, numbers, social skills, etc. you need to allow about a week with each one for two year olds to grasp the knowledge.

You are right you have time to teach these children and you should take time to teach them. All children learn at different speeds, but at this age their learning is through the experience of play. Therefore take every opportunity you can to teach them.

Jeanette Said:

what storybook can i use for a "hobbies " lesson plan for 8 year olds?

We Answered:

Bunnies and their hobbies by Nancy Carlson. Describes the many activities bunnies like to spend time on after "a long day at work."

Rotten Richie and the ultimate dare by Patricia Polacco. Richie and his younger sister Trisha face off in a contest to see whose hobby is more challenging.

Across the alley by Richard Michelson. Jewish Abe's grandfather wants him to be a violinist while African-American Wille's father plans for him to be a great baseball pitcher, but it turns out that the two boys are more talented when they switch hobbies.

More room for the Pipkins by Jan Wahl. The Pipkins decide that they all need space in their house apart from everyone else to pursue and enjoy their individual hobbies and interests.

Vera's special hobbies by Marjolein Bastin. Vera the mouse makes an Indian headdress, turns her flowerpot into a sailboat, paints a picture, and enjoys other hobbies.

Empty pockets by Faye Van Wert. Stevie collects things that get him into a little trouble.

Hilda must be dancing by Karma Wilson. None of her jungle friends can find Hilda Hippo a quieter, less disruptive replacement for dancing, her favorite hobby, until Water Buffalo suggests an activity that allows Hilda to express her dance creativity in a new way.

Bud by Kevin O'Malley. The orderly Sweet-Williams are dismayed at their son's fondness for the messy pastime of gardening.

Just being alone by P K Hallinan. Being alone can be a happy, free time full of doing things you really want to do.

Fun for Ozzie by Ann Tompert. A playful otter tries other animals' pastimes before he rediscovers the one best for him.

It's how you play the game by Charles M Schulz. Tired of losing every baseball game, Charlie Brown looks for a hobby which will enable him to experience the feeling of winning.

Oliver and Albert, friends forever by Jean Van Leeuwen. Oliver makes friends with Albert, the new boy in class, and they have fun together, playing kickball and collecting bugs.

Evelyn Said:

2&3 year old lesson plans?

We Answered:

Here's a book for you that can get your started. I wouldn't consider them "lesson plans" but they can be used as a jumping board. Check your local library...if they don't have it...see if they can interlibrary loan it for you.

The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos by Pam Schiller.

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