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Lesson Plans For Preschool

Carlos Said:

is there a website that has lesson plans for preschool that will mail them to me?

We Answered:

I know you want mailed lesson plans, but if you can get access to a printer, you still might want to try IT'S FREE!

The monthly curriculums offer daily lesson plans and accompanying classroom posters and printables for the children.

Steve Said:

I need a preschool lesson plans that shows accommodation's for special needs.?

We Answered:

A braille children's book

teach some simple signs-mommy, daddy, ball, car-

video from you tube about power chair soccer

playing 'buddy ball -a peer helps a disabled friend play baseball-an adult or child can simulate a person with a disability-have the preschooler be the helper

ie-teacher wears a blindfold-hits ball off tee-child leads to base

Joseph Said:

Need help finding preschool lesson plans any suggestions?

We Answered: , click on theme topics , click search and type what you want or click discuss and ask your question., topic on side bar

camping: build a tent from large sheets and chairs, use flashlight for "fire" or to make shadows on side of "tent."

Pirates: have half class hide treasure and make map. Then other half has to decipher map and find treasure. Sing "yo ho ho and a box of juice drinks." Make telescopes or binoculars using tp rolls. Have each child hold a hook and fish for treasure in davy jones' locker (the sand/water table.) Make a pirate ship using paper shapes or blocks. Design and create your own treasure chest using a cardboard box. Books I read when I do pirates: When the Wild Pirates Go Sailing, Dinosailors, How I Became a Pirate, and Tough Boris. (I consider the latter 2 must haves.)

All your topics, except for pirates, have their own catagory in

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