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Lesson Plans For Substitute Teachers

Patrick Said:

Frustrated Substitute teacher with a question. How can I help these kids be more independent b/c they're needy?

We Answered:

Implement a few procedures ...

"Ask 3 before me" - in other words students can ask classmates for help or to remind them what they are supposed to be doing before they come to the teacher for help.

I also tell my clingy, needy students to try first before I help them. If I don't see anything on their paper, I tell them to try first before I stop and help. Then I provide basic help, but push for them to try it out on their own.

Teach the lesson to a T before allowing the kids to work on it themselves. Especially for the younger grades, sometimes you have to repeat things a million times before it sinks in. Explain the lesson and what you expect them to do several times. Also, ask students to repeat things back to you so you know how well they understand. The better they get the lesson, the more excited they are to work on it by themselves.

The standards in elementary school are way way higher today than they were when I was in elementary school too. So you also have to train kids from day one that your expectations are high and you won't allow a 'give up' attitude.

But there are those kids who genuinely don't understand, no matter how many times you explain it, and they're the ones who will keep asking and asking and asking for help - and just don't do well independently.

Rita Said:

What is your weirdest substitute teacher moment?

We Answered:

An english teacher substitute teacher brought in Chicken Soup for the Soul read some of it and started to cry :(

I felt bad for him because the other kids were making fun of him while he was crying.

Benjamin Said:

Would you take this long term substitute assignment after knowing this?

We Answered:

My philosophy is this: ALWAYS know what you are walking into BEFORE you get there. You asked the right questions, they lied to you, or severely misrepresented the truth. Now you know what you are walking into....if you're okay with this then take the job, but it's a warning sign of future problems to come. Otherwise, don't take it....that's what you seem to be leaning towards.

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