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Lesson Plans For Writing

Rosa Said:

I need to write lesson plans for preschooleers and i need help?

We Answered:

Our focus letter is Nn this week. Here are some things we have done or will be doing.
* build Nn with noodles.
* sensory-noodles- you can add a variety to work in sorting, patterning, etc. Color noodles with rubbing alcohol and food coloring.
* name sort...we do this in various ways through the year but this time we are going to sort newspaper/magazine letters into their appropiate column to match their name.
* write multiple N's and n's with white crayon on white construction paper and let the children use watercolor to paint over top. If you press hardly with the crayon, the better the effect. The watercolor will resist teh crayon. You may wish to do this for Ww.
* We use the focus letter in a song and find all the Nn's and count them. Even include simple addition by counting upper case and then counting lower case. The chant we are using for N goes like this.
“N” is for Nuts
N is for nuts that I like to eat, (form circles with thumbs and fingers)
N is for nest where a bird can sleep. (cup hands together)
N is for net to catch a big fish, (Pretend to net fish)
N is for noodles, my favorite dish. (pretend to eat)
N is for noise, a very loud sound, (cover ears with hands)
N is for nails that I like to pound. (pretend to hammer)
Jean Warren
* There are quite a few "n" opposites that you can use for a language activity. I sometimes create picture pairs and glue them onto the block letter. Night/day; naughty/good; narrow/wide; never/always; noisy/quiet; now/later; near/far; new/old; neat/messy...
* we use this time to work with number/letter sorts. Etc

There are a great many books that you can use as jumping boards for rhyming, etc.

One year I took a digital picture of each child wearing a cat in the hat hat and we glued it to a background and added red and white squares in an ABAB pattern and spelled their name.

Dictation: There's a Wocket in My Pocket...what is in their pocket? You cut a half piece of construction paper lengthwise and then fold in half and trim to make it look like a pocket. Write the question, What is in your pocket? and have them write their name on the front and then lift the flap to draw a picture of what could be in their pocket and have them dictate a sentence or two.

Patterning again...make a paper hat using red and white strips.

Make a cat face with uppercase letters and hats with lower case letters (or match upper to upper and lower to lower if that is where they are at developmentally),

Seriation: remember the little guys a,b, and c? Use an adult cat in the hat hat and place inside the little guys in different sizes and have them sort from largest to smallest...put the letters on each to reinforce letter recognition/sound/order, etc.

Dr. Seuss' ABC is great intro to alliteration.

Read multiple books and graph favorites

Discuss rainy day activities and create a rainy day bulletin board by having the children list their favorite thing to do on a rainy day. Have them place their ideas on a cut-out of a raindrop. Place the raindrops on the board around a picture of a house and a cat in a hat. Title the board "Fun in the Rain

Collect various pictures of hats and place them around the room. Discuss each hat and when or where you might wear the hat.

I do not claim these as my own original ideas. Most were ideas from the internet. If you search Dr. Seuss activities I'm sure you'll come up with many more!

Science: does it have to be in accordance to your theme? I strongly suggest you check your local library and see if there are back issues of The Mailbox Preschool magazine. They have science explorations in every issue! As well as a great many more very appropiate activities!

* Weave
* W picture collage
* Hang up blue b.b. paper or provide individual blue paper and have them practice making W for waves. /////// (pre writing)
* Wiggly Worm Painting- use yarn for worms
* Can of a book about worms/garden; go over w pictures/words; and then provide a simple can on construction paper with the word worms on it. Use narrow paintbrushes and brown paint to make the worms.
* cut strips of paper for free cutting and then provide them to glue and make w's...same for x's
* Do a share 'n' tell session and have the children bring in something made of wood to share about.
* W is for water...lots of ideas there! Our kids like to "go fishing". I put water in a plastic dish tub and magnetic letters and numbers. You can sort by whether it is a letter/number or sort letters by sticks, curves, or both.
* Playdough "worms" to make the letter... can be used for the other letters as well.

Good luck on Xx! That is one of the letters that I have very few ideas collected for. We always incorporated xrays.

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