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Lesson Plans History

Corey Said:

Black history month lesson plan ideas? For kindergarteners & 4th-5th graders?

We Answered:

I did this one year when my daughter had to do a project for black history month
and while everyone else was doing MLK.....
we are from pitsburgh
and yes there is something else here besides football
So we dug up information about the ***** Baseball League
Many of which got their start right here in our hometown
hence the Homestead Grays
I never had so much fun and she enjoyed the whole project and so did all of the faculty, who remembered.....
we dug up old pictures and created baseball stat cards for all the players we could find
It was a big hit
and I wish I could have seen some of those guys play
good luck and hope this helps
you can email me for some information if you want
but most can be found on the internet

Josephine Said:

does anybody know where i can get lesson plans and ideas on history for ks2 and ks3?

We Answered:

Hope this helps..

Andre Said:

Where can I find activities and lesson plans for teaching Spanish History?

We Answered:

Have you looked at Try that. Also try They have tons of great lesson plans.

Angela Said:

Help on history of calculus lesson plan?

We Answered:

What type of class is this for? I can't imagine teaching a whole period on the history of calculus and the kids actually listening. Is this for a college course? What is the general outline of your lesson? Do you have activities or lecture? Give an idea of what you have and the time that you are going to cover this and I might be able to give you some ideas. Do you have to make the lesson on the history of calc?

Edgar Said:

Where can I find US History powerpoints and lesson plans on-line?

We Answered:


You don't say what age range you would like them for

but here are a selection…
Mr Donn is a very good site with resources for the younger students - including lesson plans and powerpoint presentations.
Has a wise range of social studies and history resources
This site has some free powerpoint presentations ( History) although some are not free.
This site has some interesting resources and a lot of useful links

Hope this helps

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