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Lesson Plans Page

Jeffery Said:

Is there a limit to the number of pages a lesson plan should be?

We Answered:

There isn't really a limit to the length of your lesson plans. However you need to keep in mind the time it will take to complete the lessons. I often will leave lesson plans that are 2 pages long for a sub, but then, I have a 2 hour block schedule to fill with 3 preps.

Bradley Said:

Please help me print a mail merged document in a two-sided page format.?

We Answered:

It sounds more like a problem with the printer than the document.

First, create a brand new Word document two pages in length with some random text and in a font other than black. Try to print it in color and duplexed. This will verify that the printer is printer correctly. If not, post a question with model of printer, operating system, etc.

If that doesn't work go back to Excel and try and re-setup the Mail Merge using the Wizard.

Mitchell Said:

What are the most useful teacher websites?

We Answered: You can get a free trial for 5 days, or get a username and password after payment. My students loved Tim and Moby. A great source of videos and other educational material. There are also blackline masters, lesson plans, quizzes, state objectives (like TEKS), etc. on these videos. You can subscribe for free. and Not free, but still very cheap. I think they are worth every penny. My colleagues at school always used those websites for worksheets when I was teaching. I even got some free worksheets. subscription is like $ 20 or so for a year. And you can download all the worksheets with the answer as pdf files and use them the following years, too.

Good luck!

Johnny Said:

Where can I get a full lesson plan to train a horse rider?

We Answered:

I make mine you as i go along.
If there having trouble with balance, work them on that. Deeper seats, taking away stirups ect.
If they're having trouble in corners make them do circles.
If they're having trouble staying on at a faster pace do it on a lunge line first so they dont have to use the reins and can hold onto the saddle.

Write down what they had trouble with and then what you have done, at the begining of each lesson do a small amount of work of the things you did on the previous lesson.

Just see what they can do and make it up from there.

Good luck and have fun

Shawn Said:

Is this a good lesson plan?

We Answered:

What do chocolate, eggs, and bunnies have to do with Easter? If you are going to use these items in your Sunday School lesson about Easter, you should at least explain to students why these items are associated with the holiday.

Jeanne Said:

Does anyone have good teacher websites?

We Answered:

There are several, just use your favorite search engine and look.

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