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Math Lesson Plans Middle School

Bertha Said:

How should I propose starting this program for helping students at my local library?

We Answered:

Write a letter to the principals and librarians of these schools proposing a meeting to talk about your idea.

Bruce Said:

Do I have a shot at the Ivy Leagues?

We Answered:

When dealing with college, keep in mind that it is 1/3 Extra-curricular, 1/3 Grades, 1/3 SAT score. I scored a 2370 last year on the SAT, and a 35 on the ACT. I applied for Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Columbia (Safety School). I got accepted to all of them but only got a scholarship to Columbia (to my demise). I was 3rd in my high school senior class.

I do think you might have a chance with getting into a college like Columbia or Darthmouth, but I think that Harvard is out of your league because of your test-taking skills. You need at least 2300 to get into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. By the way, you need to take the SAT, its required by the Ivy League, so I suggest you retake them. Your ACT scores, I'm sorry to say, are not up to par with the League's standards. Most of these colleges accept 32s and beyond. Your high school classes that you have chosen were great but I don't think they are good enough. I had 7 AP/Honors classes in both my junior and senior years. I took AP Calculus BC as a junior.

Your extra-curricular is very nice, better than mine. I have to stress that colleges really like community service. Working at nursing homes, helping to pick up litter, etc. Remember to do clubs! Join Key Club and clubs that are recognized by the country. Do more contests that you have a chance to be nationally recognized. I got a 5k Scholarship from MIT because my High School Robotics team got in the top 10 in the VEX Robotics World Championships 3 years in a row. Just remember to do things that help the community as a whole like running charities or going to food shelters. Show them that you have compassion for society.

To answer your last question, passion doesn't outweigh test scores. Even though people say that passion does, when you get to college you will find out it doesn't. Passion does create a better chance to get into that college though. It is an important factor but not more important than test scores.

To sum it all up, I believe you have a chance with Dartmouth and Columbia. Unless you pull your SAT and ACT scores up and do more community service, I truly don't think you have a chance with Harvard. And if you are thinking about scholarships, I don't think that you will get one because of your PSAT score. Colleges really like National Merit Finalists.

I'm sorry about Harvard but you have a chance with Darthmouth and Columbia. If you get into Columbia, I have to admit...It's pretty cool :)

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