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Math Lesson Plans

Mabel Said:

i need 3 math lesson plans for a theme of saint patricks day and spring?

We Answered:

* use different shades of green shamrocks and make patterns with them...ABAB or AABAAB

* Use shamrock or theme related mini erasers or other manipulatives and have them make a "chart"...put number cards in order (they can do this according to their ability 0-5 or 0-10 or higher) and then place the corresponding number of manipulatives in a vertical line above each number. We did this recently with transportation manipulatives...we incorporated patterns in their lines, odd and even numbers (putting them in pairs to see the buddies), which number has more less, etc.

* We are doing this activity this week as well... folding a piece of construction paper in half (4"x11"). Let them snip cut up to the fold to make "grass" then inside use bug stickers to make patterns and then fold the grass over top of the bugs.

* I put in shapes and colors into my "math" so we also do a Shamrock Surprise activity where I have different shape rubbing plates (made with glitter glue on index cards) and a few shamrocks as well. I tape them to a wall/table and put paper over top. They use colorful crayons to find the shapes (rubbing) and then we use it as a review activity.

* simple addition/subtraction with shamrocks or other spring manipulatives.

* Cover 100 (or less). I make a theme related board with usually 25 squares/rectangles. Then we roll a dice, count how many dots and cover the corresponding number of squares with a theme shamrock or flower/bug eraser...we take turns rolling the dice and covering the rectangles until one of the children covers their whole board.

* You can make Shamrock/Spring Shakers by cutting out 2 simple shapes and gluing to paper plates. Add beans and staple together. The hold up a number card and have them review their number recognition, etc and shake their shakers that many times. You can play music like "freeze" and during the freezing part hold up a card and do that many actions. It can be done for transitions or even small group.

* has many free printables for spring/shamrocks that you can make into games.

Good luck!

Eddie Said:

where can i find good lesson plans for a 1st or 2nd grade class? The lesson has to be a math one.?

We Answered:

Edhelper is the place to go for any educational materials k thru 12! They are great! We use them all the time for home school. You can sign up as an individual or a teacher and get daily lessons plans and everything.

Byron Said:

Help with Math lesson plans...?

We Answered:

The curriculum seems to be different everywhere we go but I can give you my interpretation of that particular statement.

The whole number system is hindu arabic numbers (eg 1,2, 3, 100, 34, etc.... and NOT 1/2, 1/4 which are not whole numbers)

Number patterns: students explore patterns eg. 2,4,6... finish the pattern. Students can design and create their own number patterns. They can swap patterns with other students and then they can complete each others number patterns.

A good classroom game for 5-7 year olds is leap frog.
Have 3-4 hoops on the ground.
Say the first 2 hoops are 1 , 2, students jump through the hoops and then finish the pattern (eg 3,4 for the last two hoops)

Counting and grouping strategies include the 'jumping method'- use number lines (for example if 34 + 25=?
They need to sue mroe advanced counting strategies. eg 34+ 20 + 5 is much easier to work out. STudents can draw this on a labelled numberline using arrows.

Place values is pretty easy, units, tens hundreds, thousands. Most kids get place value pretty quickly. When they move onto decimals thats when place value becomes confusing.

Hope that helps

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