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Money Lesson Plans

Judy Said:

i need help preparing a lesson plan?

We Answered:

Google "2nd grade money lesson".…

Christian Said:

Need a dynamic (out of the box) lesson plan on counting money (coins). 2nd grade - 3rd grade content please.?

We Answered:

Get some grocery circulars and have the kids cut out what they want to buy and match it with coins?
Set up a store and have them buy items? (not for real but you can put the stapler there for 27 cents, pencil for 6 cents and so on).

Eddie Said:

I need help with creating a lesson plan on money management for adolescent ages 18 yrs old and older who feel.?

We Answered:

Have you actually sat down & shown them a sample of your own budget?

Basically, draw a budget up based on necessities, i.e., rent, utilities, food, insurances, car payments/registration, maintenance, petrol, phones (cell/house or both), clothes/shoes, they will also need a to put away for a "rainy day" should something break down such as refrigerator or TV. Then the wants like entertainment, perfume, aftershave make-up etc. You can do this monthly, or quarterly.

Start by getting them to write down everything they spend money on for approx. 2 weeks. Tell them when making a purchase to ask themselves whether they "need" or "want" it, walk away & sleep on it. They will then know which category the item falls into. Also helps to pay cash & always ask for a discount (the store can only say no).

I have found if they have something to save for. Place a photo of what their aiming @ on the bedside table it will be the 1st & last thing they see each day/night.

Don't just give them an allowance either, make them do chores. Or if they have a part time job make sure they "pay themselves 1st" i.e., always have a separate bank account for "goal" savings.

There's only two things in life that are certain & that's death & taxes, the rest we have to budget for.

Stop enabling them, & stop them mooching. Good luck

Earl Said:

Lesson Plans for California GED prep.?

We Answered:…

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