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Night Lesson Plans

Joann Said:

Was it wrong of me to assume night classes were going to be cancelled for Halloween?

We Answered:

My mother teaches night classes and she gives everyone the night off, usually with the caveat of a paper or project they have to complete that week. This way she can get away with it... and she said she never would expect half the class to come that day anyway.

Tell your prof you won't be able to go that night and ask for the homework ahead of time.

Marlene Said:

Will my doctor cancel my surgery on Monday if I am getting a cold on Friday night?

We Answered:

If you still have said cold on Monday then yes, he can't operate on you if you are sick. Don't let him know until the day of because it might clear up.

Minnie Said:

POLL: What are your friday night plans?

We Answered:

we wold play gta yeah

Nathaniel Said:

How could I catch interst of students when introducing a lesson on astronomy to 5th graders?

We Answered:

How about something dealing with the terminator - the line separating night and day. You could tell them (or maybe they could calculate it?) that if you walked at a fast pace (slower than a run) you could keep up with the terminator on the Moon.

Or maybe talk about shadows at different times of day, due to the varying altitude of the Sun. Some features on Mars (like the face on Mars) look very different when the Sun is low on the horizon (that's when it looks like a face) versus when the Sun is high (we have new pictures of the face on Mars when the Sun is high, and it looks virtually nothing like a face!). Also, there is at least one crater on the Moon where the bottom of it is in perpetual darkness (it's near the north or south pole), and I believe there's a mountain on the Moon that is always in sunlight (again at the north or south pole).

And do me a favor - at some point take them outside during the daytime to see that the Moon is up during the day sometimes. It always amazes me how many (otherwise intelligent) people think the moon is only up at night!

Jeremy Said:

Do most school teachers spend their entire nights doing lesson-planning?

We Answered:

It depends. If I am very familiar with the material, or my students are strong, I will also "play it by ear." However, if I am dealing with students who are less familiar with the topic (such as ELL students), or I am teaching something that I am less familiar with (such as when I started teaching APA when I had been using MLA), I will spend up to an hour planning for a class.

Remember, too, that teaching a single class is quite different from teaching several classes. High school teachers often teach multiple subjects and skill levels. One class might greatly enjoy discussions where another is less verbal. Having one lesson plan for both would not be effective.

Alexander Said:

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We Answered:

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