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Numeracy Lesson Plans

Ron Said:

Wave 3 numeracy planning for Primary National Curriculum?

We Answered:

Maybe too late - but look here. You can download it from links on the page.…

Franklin Said:

I am planning a Numeracy Lesson 'Unit 3 Block D'. Can anyone help me out. Year 1 Please :+)?

We Answered:

I just googled your question and got this link which looks quite good:…

hope it helps, but if you could be more specific about which parts of the unit you want help with it would be better so I could give you more ideas.

Also check out, resources and teaching ideas along with the interactive stuff on and

Jose Said:

Can anyone suggest some ideas for a numeracy lesson using Playdoh?

We Answered:

Why don't you make numbers out of playdoh or let the children try and make them, help them count or you could make playdoh coins to add value,

sorry im not an expert on this sort of stuff but i hope it helps x

Rosemary Said:

Can anyone help me plan a really good 20min numeracy lesson for an interview?

We Answered:

I'm a grade 5 teacher. What specifically do you mean by numeracy. [email protected] I can help you out if i rec. more information.

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