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Pe Lesson Plans

Loretta Said:

Do you love to play games during PE? If you are a PE teacher or student this question is for you?

We Answered:

show them how to play, don't make it too complex, ask them if they have any questions.

Martha Said:

pe lesson plans???????

We Answered:

Not getting hit

Courtney Said:

Help! need to plan a PE lesson!?

We Answered:

Dodgeball and instead of just people set up cones and other objects as targets.

Kickball is another one you could try.

Indoor is hard because you are so limited as to what your school has to offer.

Marshall Said:

how do you integrate PE (physical activities) in your daily lesson plans?

We Answered:

circle time and any time the kids start losing interest with you. Ive taught different grade levels and PE is essential in all grades. Kindergarten your lucky to have 10 min before your losing them. I've done story time where the kids take turns acting out the characters, we've played games as a reward. Power walks are the best because when your frazzled it gives you time to regroup yourself and give the kids a break, like follow the leader down the hall with the mouth shut and they can only use sign language to communicate. All children need the play time and so do you, even if you take ten Min's to do stretching and a couple of jumping jacks. Head shoulder knees and toes song helps with activity too.

Melanie Said:

Please help PE lesson plan!?

We Answered:

You might try something like soccer or kickball. Let them kick the ball back and forth to eachother. Good luck!

Patrick Said:

Need help on PE lesson plans for KG students?

We Answered:

well if u mean homeschooled kg students then u actually are classed as a voluntary teacher(teacher who works for free)
i say
put down four hulla hoops(the exc equipment not the crisps)
tell them what one to stand at in the first place
then say jump right or forward or whatever!

Gina Said:

Which webpage is the best for free pe lesson plans>?

We Answered:

PE as in Physical Education or PE as in Professional Engineer? If it is the latter, which discipline? Please clarify.

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