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Place Value Lesson Plans

Naomi Said:

How do I get out of my lease?

We Answered:

Check with your local building code enforcement people. They should give you some guidance as to the livability of your house. If it is not livable, then you might be able to break the lease. It depends upon the source of the water.

Monica Said:

have liberals taught conservatives a valuable lesson?

We Answered:

Yes i posed a q which i showed what right wing issues Obama stood for ie war on terror foreign military aid etc and the Obama bots were like "great i am glad you agree wth him that's so cool" wtf they hated Bush for these same issues but since Obama is on their team they just follow blindly as long as its their team.....

Cathy Said:

How can I teach place value 3 digit number to 2nd grade?

We Answered:


go to and this is a leveled maths site. So choose the level and there is place value in the programme. You could show them by the using this with a data projector first before they go onto the computers.

Our school uses the software Numeracy Bank which is also leveled.

I reckon if you show them the visual way I think some of the children will understand it a little better.

I use the search engine
which is a clustered site, meaning you don't have to go through millions of unwanted sites. Just type in your subject/keyword or question into the search bar.

Here are some lesson plan i go from this search engine……………

well that only a few I found in a few minutes.

Hope that helped.

Eduardo Said:

Gay marriage and social consequences -- What should I draw from the example in my own back yard?

We Answered:

Number 2

Gay marriage has been legal here, in Belgium and the Netherlands, too for years now.

The only thing that changed is that loving consenting adults of the same gender who want to express a lifetime commitment through marriage can

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