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Powerpoint Lesson Plans

Minnie Said:

Does anyone have a powerpoint presentation or a lesson plan on click management?

We Answered:


Ken Said:

At what age/grade level do students learn the basic parts of speech?

We Answered:

Fourth, fifth or sixth grade IF AT ALL!!

There are several areas here: parts of speech, the simple ones. like nouns (abstract, collective, proper and common), adjectives and the like.

Then there are the more complex systems of clauses, adverbial clauses, subordinating conjunctions, etc., etc.

Now the first is often hardly taught at all in the American system, or at best so very sloppily or surface level, that it is not remembered after 4th grade. The second area here is not taught as far as I know at any level of English language-learning in the USA. Very sad.

Writers could so markedly improve if they were taught the fundamentals and then the elaborate systems of the grammar of this delightful language.

Corey Said:

Can teachers deduct more than the standard $250?

We Answered:

The $250 educator expense that is an adjustment is for classroom materials, not your laptop.

If you purchased equipment that is unreimbursed, you may be able to deduct the business portion of your equipment. This would be done on Schedule A as a miscellaneous deduction subject to 2% of your AGI. The amount of your deduction depends on the percentage of business use.

You are not eligible to have a home office deduction, so the Internet connection would probably not be deductible as an unreimbursed employee expense.

Rosa Said:

Lesson Plans for Mark Twain??

We Answered:

Ricky Said:

What Is A Good Powerpoint Lesson Plan?

We Answered:

A Lesson plan about powerpoint, or a plan that uses powerpoint? If it's using powerpoint, then what are you trying to make it about? Anything? Unless you have some subject matter in hand, what can we give you?

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Jamesica said: