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Pre Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Roland Said:

I'm substituting a 5th & 6th grade class tomorrow (20 students)?

We Answered:

Usually, if they say there is a lesson plan, there usually is. However, iIalways think it is good to ask them to tell you one thing about themselves while you do the roll. Eg, my name is Miss Smith and I like snowboarding. and hope they carry on the theme.

I have done a fair bit of substituting and without fail the only thing which really worked for me in the face of classroom meltdown was a smiley face on the board and a sad face on the board. pupils doing good work/being helpful/not creating world war three are put under the smiley face and can earn subsequent ticks for further good behaviour. naughty pupils will be put on sad side with the promise that if a dramtic improvement is noticed, then the name will be removed and maybe they will go across to the good side.

You promise to leave all their names on the board, so when their teacher comes in the morning, she will know what a lovely class they have been!!

honestly, you will have them eating out of the palm of your hand!

good luck.

ps. games are always good too. times table questions where they ask each other. Silent ball is good. They all stand on chairs and have to throw the tennis ball in complete silene. You can say things like, do it one handed or on one foot. if anyone drops it or talks they are out and have to sit down!!

Antonio Said:

I would like to teach a pre-kindergarten in my home, is this a good idea?

We Answered:

It's going to take more time than you think, and stress you out more than you realize. The thing is that it's never really "routine". There is always something happening, always something to prepare for, always someone who needs something extra. They are kids, and as a Mom, you know how it is. Some days are great, some days aren't.

I have taught Preschool for 7 years, and now am in college getting my Early Childhood Education degree. I have taught part time and full time.

There is a lot of prep work and research that I do in order to prepare for each week. I teach the standards, and make sure I meet the requirements for all areas. The standards are "Early Learning Content Standards". There is a book for each state, and there are also National standards. You can look them up by going to the Department of Education for your state. The standards are what Preschool teachers are supposed to teach children in order to get them ready for kindergarten. There are standards in the subjects of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Another book you may want to look at is "Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale" by Thelma Harms. It is a widely used tool for measuring program quality and settings. Reading it would give you an idea of what is expected and needed in the early childhood environment for set up of a program.

Both the ELCS (standards) and ECERS (rating scale) are fairly self explanatory and would give you a lot of information used in the profession of Early Childhood Education.

Here is something else to consider. You are preparing children-yours and other families- for their entry into the school system. What if you get to January and decide you can't do it anymore, that the whole idea was a mistake? Then you not only let down your own child, but the other families as well, who now have to go and find another preschool for their child for the last half of the year.

How about this idea- can you be an aide at a Preschool? Your children could attend the same school, and you would get to see how it works before you open your own place. If you like it, fine- if you don't then no big deal.

Anna Said:

Could you read this and tell me what you think of it?

We Answered:

Sounds like a great life to me. Just keep doing what you doing, and you could go far in life.

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