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Preschool Lesson Plans Themes

Kyle Said:

What should i teach my preschool ?

We Answered:

Off the top of my head, what I would do . . .

Put on some music. Play "Musical Hugs" Ask children "What can we do to show our family we love them?" You want one answer to be "hug". Start the music. When the music stops they have to find someone to hug (it can be just two or it can be a group hug. Watch and hug anyone left out yourself.).

Teach them to play "Farmer in the Dell" (family: farmer, wife, child, etc. Ask children - maybe they will want to add different family members: grandma or uncle)

Bill Said:

Lesson plans for 2 year olds?

We Answered:

Letter of the week themes are popular with preschoolers. Be sure to include lots of stories on careers, colors, shapes, and other things of interest to such youngsters.

Try checking out's "typical course of study" lists for ideas of things to work on with preschoolers.

Take lots of walks, taking the time to notice things in nature around you (look at the weeds, bugs, feather on the ground, etc. and talk about them). Try growing some seeds--good for teaching little ones some beginning science and how to take care of things; if you get some vegetable seeds, you might even get them to be more willing to eat vegetables if they've helped grow them themselves. You might also want them to start a seed collection--take a seed or two out of fruits they eat, ones found on walks, etc. and glue them to posterboard and label them, to help them recognize the wide variety of seeds out there. Or make a leaf collection--this is a great time of year to start one and see how many different shapes and sizes of leaves there are.

Try teaching them some simple songs. In addition to staples such as the alphabet song, there are ones to teach the days of the week, the months of the year, counting to ten, and more. Kids can learn so much if it's in a song.

Have them do lots of coloring, painting, playing with clay or playdough, threading large beads on string, etc. as these things help develop hand-eye coordination needed for when they begin to learn to write.

Read to them. Read to them a lot. A wide variety of books. Encourage them to take a book to bed at naptime or bedtime. Visit the library frequently. Instilling a love of books will help them later in school.

Mostly, make sure that they are exposed to new ideas while having fun!

Darren Said:

Preschool theme?

We Answered:

Here's a website with a bunch of ideas and links:…

Charlene Said:

Are there and teachers out there who have ideas for items to use in a prop box for the following Themes?

We Answered:

This is a great website for little ones (and ideas for us "big ones") ...

I go here for all sorts of ideas for holidays and rainy day projects.

I send my children to school for social purposes only, then teach them myself when they get home. Sorry, but I've lost all faith in the school system of Louisiana and feel that they learn nothing at school.

I'd love to help out if I can, and share ideas , but I don't expect payment in return. Seeing children use their imaginations, laughing and learning, is payment enough :)

[email protected] .... name is Jen

Julian Said:

Teachers, Day Care Providers?

We Answered:

Teachers place lessons on-line that work with their students. And if you have lessons that work well for your students you can add them to the listing.

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