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Project Lesson Plan

Mildred Said:

Lesson plan (must have art project involved)?

We Answered:

Have students draw pictures about the characters in a book and how they think they looked. They can even look up period clothing if applicable. They can also draw pictures about a historical event./

Henry Said:

my senior project deals with preschoolers, what kind of lesson plan should i put together for them?

We Answered:

The "new age" approach for preschool projects are that they are child-centered/ child-initiated (ie, the curriculum is based around the things that they show interest in) and "hands-on, minds-on". It's probably far from what you learned when you were little.

Think of something that you are interested in. This will help you plan an activity.

For my Preschool math & science class, we had to plan 2 problem solving lessons this semester. The first we provided tubes and asked a group of 4 and 5 year olds if they could figure out how to get water to go through the tubes from point A to point B.

The second project I provided a bunch of materials and asked my 3 year old class if they could work together to build something that would hold water. That one didn't go over so well at first, because preschoolers need a visual. Once i brought out a cup to compare, they realized what their "cups" were missing and were able to work to making a working one.

Anyway, my point is, pick a topic you like and pose an open-ended problem (it has multiple ways of reaching the answer as opposed to one or as opposed to a yes or no answer. Try to avoid these no matter what you choose to do!) They're great for cognitive thinking in preschoolers, and depending on what you choose, can be good for physical and socio-emotional development as well.

The four major stages of development to keep in mind are
Physical fine motor development means using hands and fingers to manipulate tools.
Gross motor using larger muscles in the arms and legs.

Cognitive- thinking and problem solving. self-talk, symbolic thought, being reflective on what they are doing, providing sensory experiences is very important for preschoolers!

Socio-emotional, cooperation, sharing, working together, visual arts- expressing oneself

Language- story telling, addition of new vocabulary, etc.

I would recommend something, but I would need to know a group of kids to plan the activity around first. I could tell you anything, like, hey! do a project with dinosaurs! but it wouldn't be successful if no one in your class liked dinosaurs. Just think of something that you like, and an idea should come to you naturally and you can run with it!

Herbert Said:

I am going to be a teacher and I have to write lesson plan--does anyone have an idea for a science project...?

We Answered:

you're going to be the teacher and you're asking us?? does that mean we'll get a share in your pay if we help you?

Theodore Said:

Winesburg, Ohio lesson plan project, and i need help...?

We Answered:

I'm not sure what your grade focus is but I am in ECE (K-5) so I'm not sure this will work for you. Usually when we do lessons focusing on books we do a grand conversation type discussion where you can bring up a topic (assuming that everyone has read) and the students can discuss openly about what they read, parts they felt were important, what will happen next. Your real responsibility is to guide the students into the right path of discussion to cover your objectives. Since, generally speaking, the main priority is comprehension the fact that discussion is in play will automatically help the students remember. the fact that they get to interact with their peers makes the information sink even more. After that you could have them write something (length dependent on what grade) telling you their predictions about what will happen next or their prediction about what happen if it was a cliff hanger.

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