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Psychology Lesson Plans

Jeanette Said:

What occupation can I do with an A level in psychology, English Language and Literature?

We Answered:

You can study psychology as a BA not just a BSC and providing the BA is recognised by
the BPS then it is just as useful as a BSC degree.

You could progress after that to be a psychologist - clinical/child/forensic etc - that would require 3 further years of study - a PHD or the like. or attempt to get on the NHS funded 3 year scheme to become clinical psychologist

Marcus Said:

Ideas..for Service Learning project..?

We Answered:

Treat them like they are normal children... that's something they don't get very often anymore. So just do what you would do if this was a normal group of kids (age and education appropriate though) and treat them like they are normal and 1 or 2 might actually hear what you have to say.... and if even 1 takes it to heart you've done a heck of a job.

Florence Said:

Do you want the bankers who wrecked our economy let loose on our kids after half the required training?

We Answered:

Talk about the bankers who ruined the economy - what about the teachers who have ruined our children's education? When you look at they way they do their jobs after all the required training, you might think that half of it is half too much. What is actually taught in the PGCE year?

Let competent mathematicians (even if they are failed bankers) have a go at a maths class: they can be no worse than most of the teachers we have now.

Cathy Said:

Psychology Activities for Children?

We Answered:

Maybe this link will help:…

Dorothy Said:

Maybe this should be in the Psychology forum, but I am a burnt-out teacher who needs help!?

We Answered:

First, why are you taking classes right now? Necessary or just your way of keeping up with changes? If your idea, maybe postpone so much right now. If necessary, try to find some time to separate your studies for yourself from your studies for your students.
Maybe a personal life is not in the cards right not but look at that as character building not a negative. If you really want that personal life, make a place for it on the weekends with someone who will understand your constraints.
Do all you can during time at school and bring home as little as possible - lugging things back and forth is tiring too - grade at school when you can and make sure to record grades when you complete a task - nothing is worse than to spend the time doing something well and then forgetting or losing the results of that task because you dropped some papers before recording or lost some at home.
Take a deep breath and relax - if you are overwhelmed, your students will sense this and either be harder to work with or ignore you because you seem distracted and unprepared.
Make lesson plans the same time every week - Sunday afternoon or Thursday night. Make a big picture plan in case you have to be absent so a sub has a good idea where to go, especially if they are experienced or a former teacher. Pile on the "getting ready" behaviors and then step back - give yourself breathing room.
I taught for almost 20 years, the first three years in a different school and in a different county within the same state - it was not until my fourth year that I had a breather and did not move, change phones and have to learn all new procedures. That was my overwhelming aspect and that fourth year felt somehow strange and eerie but it was also nice because I had made new friends that did not become long distance ones just because the school year had changed.

Maxine Said:

Lesson plan on elderly perspective?

We Answered:

yes, I have taught this excercize during Nurse Assistant training to emphasize the quality of life and respect for the frail elderly. I go through a scenario of living life well until spouse passes away suddenly; then a fall on the ice and breaking a hip; then going to live with your daughter; then you get pnuemonia, and before you know it you have given up your spouse, your home, your independence, your very privacy and a large part of your health and are finally admitted to a nursing home. That is the point of my excercize.

The elderly in nursing homes are not 'work' to accomplish, they are people who have experienced profound life and loss. They are not assignments at a place of employment. The facility is their home and workers there are hired help.

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