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Public Speaking Lesson Plans

Terrance Said:

Any good ideas for a lesson plan?

We Answered:

Think about things that you know about and you enjoy. When you're talking about something that you find interesting, the interest of your audience is more likely to be peaked. And, when you know about your topic, you'll feel more confident so...

Are you an avid reader of Nicholas Sparks? Teach about his books.

Do you play racquetball twice a week? Teach about racquetball techniques, players, equipment...

Have you raised horses since you were a wee tot? Teach about horses.

Think about what you know and like...then just use it as a springboard. Good luck!

Ben Said:


We Answered:

I have the same problem, and different people have different ways of overcoming this. What I do is convince myself that I'm good at making things up as I go, so that I'm not as nervous, then I actually do a good job. People have different ways of getting rid of this anxiety but the anxiety in most cases is still the underlying problem and confidence is the cure for it. Think of something you're really good at and use it to your advantage. Not only will this help with your lesson but it will increase your confidence.

It sounds like you have social anxiety. I recommend going to a Doctor before this day and asking for some anxiety medicine. It really helps. You can't keep avoiding these things for the rest of your life. I used to do the same thing, but I got medication and therapy and now I'm so much better. Trust me, you can change it too!

Sonia Said:

ideas for a 8th grade public speaking class...?

We Answered:

You can try to present it using visual aid. In that way, your audience can take note on the things you are discussing them. I suggest you use powerpoint.

Allan Said:


We Answered:

Sahara gives good advice.
An easy method to alleviate stress is Emotional Freedom Technique.
You can see lots of demonstration movies on YouTube. Search for "EFT and Public Speaking"or for "EFT and Phobias".
Some demos are awful, some are useful. Try the tapping procedure to find out whether it helps.
The procedure starts with saying a sentence like: "Even though I fear teaching that Rain forest lesson, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." Or "I fear teaching this lesson AND I am a good person."
Even if you do not want to try out the tapping procedure it might be useful to repeat this for yourself several times during the day.
It helps to get your attention go away from your fear problem towards something else, preferably acceptance and self appreciation. (Or towards thoughts whether you can accept yourself.And that's already better than getting swamped by fears.)

Edna Said:

Public Speaking...11th grade?

We Answered:

when i was in h.s., i did poetry interpretation. where you read a poem, or really 'perform' it.... pick something about 5 min long...

i love to do 'the highwayman' by alfred noyes (i think)

is in the movie 'anne of green gables'

anyway, just an idea.

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