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Re Lesson Plans

Gene Said:

What issues should teachers consider when planning RE lessons/activities?

We Answered:

As a teacher myself, I would say the following need to be considered:
=sensitivity e.g. different beliefs, values, morals

=giving the pupils a chance to share opinons

=giving pupils the chance to listen carefully

=different teaching styles e.g. talking, acting, media etc

=reinforce the fact that you are not trying to convert pupils, just that you are encouraging them to explore different beliefs and share their understanding.

You could include PSHE in your assignment as this links in very closely with RE. Good luck!

Betty Said:

any RE teachers out there who can help me plan an introductory lesson for year 7 on Festivals?

We Answered:

im no RE teacher but i am a RE student. A big festival which you should concentrate on is the dewali festival.…

a good link to look up info.

also there is the ramadam.…

plus on this link if you look to your right on the page there is a guide to religous festivals. e.g Christmas (christian)

hoped i helped :D

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