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Religion Lesson Plans

Lawrence Said:

Did you hear about the new catholic curriculum in California public schools?

We Answered:

Very well put. What is with the religion in public schools. It's an abomination. Why do our American children Need to understand Islam. They should be taught a few things about Americans first.

Nelson Said:

Activities for cultural awareness lesson plan?

We Answered:

What about taking foods (can just take 1 item)that are special to each area and having the group try them and discuss the differences between them.

maybe you could do a big chart and talk about certain main areas, food, clothing, beliefs and the group can fill in the blanks. or even set up a different table for each religion that the group could take turns and visit. they could then say 1 sentence about what they have learned.

You could see if you could get hold of objects/symbols/ craft pieces from each religion and have them guess as to which religion they belong to and why...then go on to read them a short paragraph about the religion and see if they guessed right.

you could do a quiz at the end of the session and give out prizes for the best answers.
I think reading the holy book for each religion is a bit intense and don't think you will have enough time.

good luck

Pauline Said:

What effect would scientists being forced to be more respectful of religion, have upon scientific progress?

We Answered:

It will never happen.The 1st amendment says so. No scientist will ever be required to pass his studies before a review by any religion of any kind, as long as the 1st amendment exists, on a civil rights basis. The Taliban in Afganistan is/was doing exactly what you propose and look at where it got THEM! AND, this is exactly what the Catholic church did with Galileo when he published a paper stating the solar system model proposed by Copernicus was right based on his 1st hand observations of the moons of Jupiter, which was in conflict with the church position that the Earth was the center of universe. The church put him on trial for heresy, forced him to recant under penalty of excommunication, which is the threatening to damn his soul for eternity in a time when this was taken VERY seriously and was almost a fate worse than death, and then confined him to house arrest for the rest of his life. It took a couple of hundred years for the church to finally bow to the science and public pressure and finally pardon Galileo for his "crime" of heresy. Is that the kind of world you want to live in again? Would you want to suffer like Galileo did for simply publishing the scientific facts which are the truth about something?

Barbara Said:

How can i teach 5 year olds about God and religion...?

We Answered:

If you google "free christian coloring sheets" you will get a TON of websites. I would suggest getting a children's Bible and reading a story from each to them. Then, let them color the coordinating color sheet. Crafts are always a big hit too with kids. See if you can have them make something associated with the story for the day. For example, you can read the story about Noah and the flood. You can then list on a big chart paper or board, all the animals they think went on the ark. Next, they can color a page from one of the websites that has to do with Noah. Last of all, you can have them make a Rainbow (the sign of God's promise) that Noah saw, out of craft foam, or some other thing. Oriental Trading has a TON of Christian crafts for really great prices.

Wayne Said:

Does anyone have a good lesson plan for the 30 Years War and/or Wars of Religion?

We Answered:

My AP Euro teacher went over this in the beginning of October and and monday we will be starting La Révolution française.

Todd Said:

How/Where can I find information on self-teaching religion for an adult?

We Answered:

Here is what I did; I got an Hebrew - Greek Study Bible, and a Strong's complete concordance. I began with the assumption that there is a God, so I asked the question, "who is God?" I used the Strong's and searched the Bible until I had the weight of evidence and then I had my answer and the answer to several other question as well. You might want to try this as it really works.

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