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Sample Lesson Plans

Bill Said:

Where can i find lesson plans only for infants, toddlers and two year olds?

We Answered:

Try this website.

Susan Said:

Does anyone have a checklist of things to bring to a teaching interview?

We Answered:

Usually during an interview there will be a whole team of people there interviewing you, so it's always helpful to have enough copies of everything for everyone. I made "packets" (stapled together) and just handed them out at the beginning (one for each person). In my packets I included
-My cover letter?
-My resume
-Copies of letters of rec.
-A copy of my credential (if they decide to hire you, they'll need a copy)
-A copy of my transcripts (if they decide to hire you, they'll need a copy...and if they're good, it gives you brownie points)
-A copy of my test scores (see above =)
-(You could also include a sample lesson plan...I didn't--most interviews ask for you to verbally walk through a lesson anyway. Here's where things like having a lesson plan helps so much though--it gives you something to look at, so that you aren't stumbling all over the place!)

(Everyone always loves how prepared/organized I am) (Or appear to be--lol) It gives a good first impression. And it's EASY to put together. I'm too scatterbrained to do a real portfolio!!!

Matthew Said:

PLZ ANSWER. LESSON PLANS.............??????????

We Answered:

lots of nap time.
english- letter blocks
math- count crayons
crafts- paint
reading - the caterpillar book

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