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Sample Of Lesson Plan

William Said:

sample of semi-detailed lesson plan?

We Answered:

You are asking a very broad question here - are you talking about a particular grade or subject (the content)? Or are you just talking about the various elements in a lesson plan? As for the grade and subject, you would need information about the objective (what the students will learn), the activities (how they will learn it), and the evaluation (the assignment proving they learned the material). So for example, I currently teach 7th grade math, so my plan for the day could be something like:

Objective: Students will identify three-dimensional figures using descriptions and attributes (focus on curved figures - spheres, cylinders, and cones).
Activity: Students will view short video, teacher will lead discussion of attributes of curved three-dimensional figures, students will walk around the room and view various examples of curved three-dimensional figures then describe and name the objects.
Evaluation: Students will complete short multiple choice question quiz.

If you are talking about the elements of a lesson plan, there are multiple examples of this online, and usually a principal or curriculum director will tell a teacher what to include. For example, they want to see the code for the particular objective you are teaching (every state has different objectives with all these codes - it would be meaningless to you for me to say 7.2C from Objective 1), necessary materials or what book or page numbers, how I will assess them for that day, the sequence of activities, and any homework assignments. Some lesson plans include how you would modify or accommodate for various learning styles or disabilities, and some ask you to include the anticipatory set, warm-up, sponge, spiral review, etc.). So my template for each day might look like this:


The focus would be what I'm teaching in words - converting fractions to decimals; TEK - the code for that skill; materials - textbook, workbook page, etc.; warm-up - something the students do as soon as they enter the classroom but before I start the lesson; activities - self-explanatory; SPED - an example would be a particular student gets to use a calculator; ESL - how I'm going to help my students who don't know English very well, could be a visual or bilingual partner; evaluation - quiz, test, etc.: homework - what they will do tonight or some project they are doing outside of class.

Hope this helps!

P.S. Answer above mine is great!

Maurice Said:

sample of semi-detail lesson plan in the phil.?

We Answered:

Your question is vague - lesson plan for what grade level? and what subject/class?

Rene Said:

I'm a new teacher looking for sample lesson plans online.?

We Answered:

There is nothing wrong with using other teachers' lesson plans, especially if you are wanting to add your own tweaks to them. Using others' is not "cheating," is knowing how to be resourceful! is alright, I think that Scholastic's website also has some. I usually just go to Yahoo or Google and type in "Photosynthesis Lesson Plan" or whatever I'm looking for, and I'll find something good.

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