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Social Skills Lesson Plans

Kevin Said:

I am looking for lesson plan for parenting skills?

We Answered:

here's the plan. ask someone who has raised a good kid, so you know what to do and then ask someone who raised a bad kid so you know what not to do.

Virginia Said:

Preschool lesson plan ideas???

We Answered:

P.E. Physical Development: Students imitate animals through movement.
Art/Sensory: Draw or paint a pic of a favorite animal
Science: Discuss the different kinds of places that animals live... find a book to read aloud to support one of the habitats. Then you could tie Art into the lesson by having them draw a pic of an animal in that habitat... the ocean would be a good one that the studens would relate to well.
Personal/Social and Creative Skills: Use the habitat idea and split the students into groups. Give each group a habitat: forest, ocean, jungle, desert, etc. Then they could cut out pictures from magazines or draw pictures of animals that live in that habitat onto a large posterboard.
Circle Time, etc.: Show different pictures of animals and have them tell the name and sound that they make... Match an adult animal with the baby animal......

Dora Said:

Parents, if your teen became pregnant, would you send her out of town/state to a private home for girls?

We Answered:

the only reason i would ever do that, it because she's giving the baby up for adoption and the less people know about her being pregnant, the better for her to deal with the situation once it is over.
but then this would also be at her consent.
personally, having every mother go through some sort of training this intense wouldn't be such a bad idea in the first place. especially for first time mothers. being pregnant is very tiresome and stressfull.

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