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Social Studies Lesson Plans

Victoria Said:

Can you give me some good examples of TEKS lesson plans?

We Answered:……

Katherine Said:

Are first-year teachers expected to have things as lesson plans/classroom management plan, the first day?

We Answered:

Having taught for a long time I can say that what you are feeling is the norm, and unfortunately it won't go away for many years.

You won't be expected to hand in written plans right off the bat, but at some point in the year you will be told to hand in plans for approval. You'll be given plenty of notice. Relax, everybody's on your side.

Keep in mind that teaching is an art. It's 98% on the job training. The Old Timer down the hall who acts like they know it all, doesn't have a clue about what will work for you. You will blaze your own trail. After five years you'll feel that you finally have things figured out. At ten years you probably will.

Good luck

BTW I've read that three out of five teachers quit before their fifth year. Stick with it. Don't give up.

Jamie Said:

i need help on a social studies lesson.?

We Answered:

The students can use their textbooks to paraphrase the information to classmates. Make small groups and assign everyone a chapter (or topic). If students aren't using textbooks, then assign each group a topic (aztec, maya, inca). List questions you want each group to cover such as dates (of civilization), historical facts, accomplishments, location of civilization, and other info you think is helpful.

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